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The Pan Arab Games will held in Doha, Qatar for its 12th edition. It will group 22 Arab Countries in 33 different sports. The Opening Ceremony of the Games will start on Friday 9 December and the Closing Ceremony will be on Friday 23 December 2011.

Official Website:

Arab Countries:
Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar (host country), Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen.

Aquatics-Swimming, Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Bowling, Boxing, Chess, Cue Sports, Cycling-Road, Equestrian-Dressage, Equestrian-Endurance, Equestrian-Jumping, Fencing, Football, Goalball, Golf, Gymnastics-Artistic, Gymnastics-Trampoline, Handball, Judo, Karate, Para-Athletics, Sailing, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball-Beach, Volleyball-Indoor, Weightlifting, Wrestling. 

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All the medalists of the 1st Youth West Asian Championship that were held in Lebanon, at the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium, met the Minister of the Youth and Sports, Mr. Faisal Karame, where he congratulated and encouraged them, in the presence of the President of the Lebanese Athletics Federation Mr. Abdallah Chehab, and the members: Mr. Elie Saade, Mr. Nehmetallah Bejjani, Mr. Khaled Moujaes and Mr. Fady Saleme. In a positive atmosphere where debates and discussions took place, the athletes and the minister discussed Athletics' long term goals, and the importance of motivating the new young team that will contribute a lot of achievements in the future.

After this meeting, the athletes left Mr. Faisal Karame with a positive look towards the future of Lebanese athletics; seeing how much the new Minister is motivated and how supportive he is for the sports, especially the youngsters, and how he is planning for a better future with a new whole idea of improving the spirit of sports. We are all awaiting next year's new program to commence and be put into full gear and see an end to the old program with this new election.

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At the 1st Edition of the Youth West Asian Championship, Iraq took 1st place with 10 Gold medals, 11 silver and 11 bronze, while Qatar took second with 9 Gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze, and Lebanon 3rd with 7 Gold Medals won by the Girls, and 3 silver and 8 bronze, for a total of 18 medals!

Gold Medals:
100m: Christelle Rahme
400m: Lory Tashjian
800m: Joelle Feghali
1500m: Sarah Awali
Long Jump: Krystel Saneh
Heptathlon: Krystel Saneh
Medley Relay: Krystel Saneh, Christelle Rahme, Sarah Awali and Lory Tashjian

Silver Medals:
3000m: Lea Iskandar
High Jump: Lamia Doumit
Triple Jump: Joy Abousleiman

Bronze Medals:
200m: Lory Tashjian

3000m: Said Karam
High Jump: Melanie Freyha
Long Jump: Joelle Feghali
Triple Jump: Rhea Akel
5km Walk: Sandy Karam
Shot Put: Sarah Bechara
Hammer Throw: Sarah Bechara

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Today at the Memorial Van Damme Diamond League meeting in Brussels, Yohan Blake threatened Usain Bolt’s world record when the Jamaican ran 19.26 seconds to win the 200 metres and be the second fastest man on 200 meters in history ahead of Michael Johnson with 19.31 ans behind Bolt’s 19.19s. Blake, with his 19.26 seconds broke the Diamond League record and took the World Lead. Blake's reaction time was 0.269s.

Finally Walter Dix who finished second with 19.53s won the Diamond race in 200m. Check the results of the Diamond Race

Samsung Diamond League Results

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For the 1st edition of the Youth West Asian Championship, the Lebanese Athletics Federation selected 29 athletes to represent their country at the Games. Last year, at the 1st edition of the West Asian Championship for Seniors, Lebanon collected 8 medals, so we are expecting this year with the youth team, collecting 7 medals and maybe more.
The selected team:

Girls (13):


Christelle Rahme (Champville) 1996: 13.03
Celine Keyrouz (CSJ) 1994: 13.97


Lory Tashjian (Champville) 1994: 27.17
Christelle Rahme (Champville) 1996:  27.74


Lory Tashjian (Champville) 1994: 1:01.93


Sarah Awalli (Phonicia) 1994: 2:23.0h
Joelle Feghai (CSJ) 1996: 2:32.82


Sarah Awali (Phonicia) 1994: 5:08.0h
Lea Iskandar (CSJ) 1994: 5:35.63


Lea Iskandar (CSJ) 1994

2000m SC:

Melanie Freiha (CSJ) 1994

Long Jump:
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The 1st Youth West Asian Championship will held in Lebanon from 23 to 25 September 2011 at Sports City Stadium. A total of 13 countries are participating in this championship: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon (Host Country), Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

View the Schedule.

NB: this schedule may change after the technical meet.
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IAAF ARTICLE: World Long Jump record celebrates 20th anniversary

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mike Powell jumps 8.95m World record in Tokyo on 30 August 1991

Daegu, Korea - Some say that across all disciplines it is the greatest ever competition that has taken place in the history of the IAAF World Championships but whatever your opinion there is certainly no forgetting the Men’s Long Jump Final which took place on 30 August 1991 at the 3rd edition of the IAAF World championships in Tokyo, Japan.

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The IAAF press Conference for the 48th IAAF Congress and the 13th edition of the IAAF World Championnsip hosted by IAAF Presisdent Lamine DIACK which was taking place in the Congress Hall at the EXCO Convention Centre in Daegu on 24 and 25 August. The elections happens every 4 years, and this time we are proud to annouce that as results of the elections:

- Mrs. Claire CHEHAB was elected for the second time as the President of the Women's Committee in the IAAF: in the first round of elections, she won 97 votes of 197, behind her comes Mrs. Esther FITTKO for Great Britain with 68 votes and Mrs. Ghada Shouaa for Syria with 32 votes. In the second round, Mrs. Claire won 114 votes over 197, leaving Esther Fittko and Ghada Shouaa with 57 and 26 votes respectively.

- With the new
Mediterranean Athletics Federation, M. Elie SAADE was elected as a member of this Federation, that will be preparing to organize the Mediterranean Championships in Athletics that will may be start in 2012 for its 1st edition grouping 27 countries.

- M. Nehmetallah BEJJANI was elected as a member of the Francophone Committee.
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"La Gazelle", this is how I call her, the quite girl with an extraordinary talent! The girl that went to France to be 9th in 100m between the best French midgets with the beautiful time of 13.03s! The girl who prepared quietly her entry to the History Book with Elie Saade, and finally did it! This girl is Christelle Rahme from Champville who ran on the 2nd of August 2011 a fast 80m equaling the Lebanese Midget record held by Lina Bejjani since 1999 with 10.57 seconds. La Gazelle continues her show smashing the 150m record, also detained by Lina Bejjani, by 0.21s! Improving the record from 19.96s to 19.75s! Champville Club has set 12 records in 2011 and the season isn't done yet!

And this is just the beginning!

Christelle Rahme has also scored a relay national record for youth category with a 3rd place in the 18th Arab School Championship that held in Beyrouth last year. With these records in her pocket, Rahme is by the way still 14! Which means that this young girl still have 1 full year to improve and break records in her category. Lina Bejjani (CAEJ), who is the youngest girl who ever participated in the Olympic Games and who still holds the 100m Youth record of 12.36 seconds, will probably see another girl as talented as she was, b ... Read more »
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30 years ago, the Lebanese Open Club Championship was thrilling! Even with the Lebanese Men’s Army team and Champville club’s women dominating the championships at the time, the reigning atmosphere was one free of conflict and filled with dignity, loyalty, respect, and most importantly SPORTSMANSHIP. Track and Field was exactly how it should be; pure and virtuous. At this year’s Open Club Championship there were, as expected, many impressive results but also some disappointing results and actions.
Here are the main headlines for the competition: She is one of Lebanon’s most passionate and most dedicated athletes.
She created this site in an attempt to bring closer the athletes of Lebanon and the world and to give them information and articles about the latest news and results so that the world could witness live history being inked.
Her performance during the Lebanese Individual Championship was not as well as she hoped it would be and it put her in 2nd place behind In ... Read more »
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She came from Canada Quebec to a small village in Lebanon to run, because she is dedicated and loves this sport. She started her race and finished it. While everyone was waiting for her to stand on the podium, Aurely Collet got electrocuted! She stepped on an electric wire on a road that the municipality didn't fix before the race knowing that it will take place in their village! She is currently in a critical situation with burns and a weak heart and she is also in a coma. This brave woman is a runner, she is a fighter, and she is a winner! Pray with us for Aurely Collet, this strong 24 year old who never quit a race who never gave up! She'll fight the pain and win against death! She needs our support to stand on the podium and win again!

All runners, all athletes, all lovers of this sport, and everyone reading this article, pray for
Aurely Collet!

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The 2011 Individual Championship was little different from the others.. We were always expecting who's going to win or who's going to lose, now, the challenge is developing in some events where you can't define who's going to be the Champion, but in the other events, it's still the same; the absence of women throwing the hammer, few athletes running the hurdles, few athletes throwing, and the same athletes always present..

Despite the lack of athletes participating and the lack of challenge, the Lebanese athletes are always surprising. Ahmad Hazer who's in his top of performance came to win 2 Gold Medals in 110m Hurdles and 200 meters taken the title from Ramzi Naim who finished 2nd in 200m and always first in 400m. Mohammad Tamim is back on the track, more especially the 100m, he ran last time a 10.72s and this time clocked a 10.81s, always running a sub 11 this year, and winning the gold on that distance, while Ahmad Hazer was second with a 10.98s; two sub 11 seconds on 100 meters, we were missing it! In the girls sprint, always the routine, Gretta Taslakian first in 100 and 200 meters, Maha Al-Mouallem second, we should notice the absence of Aziza Sbeity due to injury, but that we must see with a big come back!  Saria Traboulsi finished first
on 400m ... Read more »
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Gretta Taslakian is at the top of her game! She ran a race that left everybody wanting to see what more this talented Lebanese sprinter has in store. Previously, when she ran the 200m in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China she was so close to grabbing the bronze medal from the 3rd place winner Guzel Khubbieva from Uzbekistan. This time, in the Asian Championship, Gretta proved that she is one tough competitor by proudly crossing the 200m finish line 2nd, making herself and Lebanon very proud! The Japanese sprinter who won the Asian games took 1st place while her fellow Japanese colleague took 3rd place after Gretta.
In the semi-final, Gretta ran an amazing 200m in 23.87s (w -1.5m/s), and in the final she ran  24.01s (w -2.2m/s).
With this medal, Gretta Taslakian proves once again that she is ... Read more »
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On the 2nd of July 2011, the Lebanese Athletics Federation organized a Track and Field meeting at Jamhour, and at the same time, there was the Midget National Triathlon Meeting of France organized by the French Athletics Federation.

In two different places and at the same time, Ahmad Hazer was preparing for his second hurdle run for 2011 after clocking 14.49 in Romania, and Sara-Joe
Kortbawi was preparing for her 3rd 1000m run this year; Sarah- Joe previously was near Saria Traboulsi's Lebanese record with 3:12.01. Sara-Joe and Ahmad were ready for this season, and they proved it when both of them smashed the Lebanese record in their category: Ahmad Hazer (Ansar) ran a 14.13 seconds on 110m Hurdles (1044pts) improving his own National record by 0.25s and securing his place in the World Championship, while Sara-Joe Kortbawi (Champville) clocked 3:08.45 improving the Lebanese Bantam record by 4 seconds and is now 1 second away from the Midget Record of 3:07.20 held by Gretta Taslakian.

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On the 1st of July 2010, it was just the beginning! The Track and Field Society was developing to reach a larger number of visitors and members in this little society. Everything started with a silly idea of creating a group on facebook called Track and Field, after that, I discussed the idea of making a website for this group with Roy Kossaifi, and then we found a better title: The Track and Field Society! And both of us worked to create a site that didn't start with as much information that it does now. On the 1st of July, we launched the site, and till now, we are constantly upgrading it, and developing it from different ways in order for the highest number of athletes to form a loyal relationship with athletics for life and discover more and more stuff about Athletics and Champions.

One complete year has passed; I would like to thank all the friends who helped me in this achievement, especially Aziza Sbeity who was always there to correct my English linguistic faults.
What's new on TFS now? Well we recently launched a new page: "Advertisement" that is based on the IAAF documents: Biomechanics, Nutrition and Medical Stuff. We will be upda ... Read more »
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Gretta Taslakian who was disappointed last year by her 4th place in 200m Asian Games finals, and her 4th place this year in Constanta for the international meeting organized by the Romanian Federation, she finally took her revenge smashing her own Lebanese record on 400 meters by 1.32 second! To improve it from 55.31 to 53.99s in June 11! An amazing performance for this amazing athlete who also was second in her heat and 8th overall in the 66th prestigious Cezmi Or memorial in Istanbul! She jumped from the 55 seconds directly to the 53! Gretta is preparing for the World Championship in Korea and the Asian Championship in Japan.

I should mention that the beginning of Gretta with Track and Field was in middle distance running and cross county and she detained the Lebanese record in 400 from the Youth till the Senior category. Then she specialized in sprints: 100 and 200 meters.


Photos and info source: Inter-Lebanon official Website
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When the first half of this fruitful year is done, some athletes have marked their disciplines by their footprints, others are still preparing for major championships and the rest is preparing a surprise!

- The Lebanese age Group Championship: Sprint dominated by Champville in girls and CSJ in Boys:
This is the major championship for young athlete to appear and prove their presence by their talent. Some of them just did. We were attending some athletes to break records, 3 of them just did it, but the rest is so close to the glory. A half year just passed, the second half is still to be discovered.

Let's start by Bantams, aged 12 and 13:
Nour Mouaness (Champville) smashed the Lebanese bantam records for 60 and 120 meters scoring respectively 8.47 and 16.29 seconds; Sarah-Joe Korbawi (Champville) who also broke the 2000m Lebanese record for bantam and midget category clocking 7:09.21, she was close by 0.4s from the 1000m record, she will certainly have the chance to try to beat it again.
These were the records of this category, now we must see the athletes who appeared to be unbeaten in some events and have realized great performances and were close to records: Ricardo Ghosn (Maristes Jbeil) first in 60m and long jump (5.01m); Korine Frei ... Read more »
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I told you once, remember this name "Sarah-Joe Kortbawi" now you should know why. Sarah-Joe (Champville-Bantam 2), after running yesterday the 1000m and getting 0.4s near the record clocking 3:12.46, previous record 3:12.02 held by Saria Traboulsi since 2000, she finally took her revenge breaking not only the Bantam Lebanese record in 2000m, but also the Midget one! clocking 7:09.21, the previous Midget record was held by Manal Tayar (CSJ) with 7:09.83. This young and talented girl was appearing in all meetings and events, especially the Beyrouth Marathon, when she was first in 3km run. Since her first entry to the club, two years ago, at the age of 10, this girl was playing on the field without getting tired, running the one lap with a jumping rope. Today, she is breaking the Lebanese records, not only in her own category. Moreover, Sarah-Joe still have till 17 October 2012 to improve her performances and break other records in Bantam category.

Category: News | Views: 1722 | Added by: krystel | Date: 2011-05-13 | Comments (0)

Back in 2007, on the 21st of April, when I first broke the 60 meters Bantam Lebanese record that was once held by Lina Bejjani (CAEJ), an amazing Lebanese runner who is the youngest ever Lebanese to have participated in the Olympic Games at the age of 16, on that day, I scored 8.55s in a meeting organized by the CSJ. One week later, on 28 April 2007, I improved the record by 0.05s to make it unbeatable for 4 years: 8.50 seconds. Today, on 11 May 2011, and after 4 years, Nour Mouaness, my teammate at Champville, who is just 12 years old (Bantam 1), came to win without having the record in mind, she just did it and clocked a strong 8.47 second! I was sure she'd break it sooner or later, but the happiest thing I faced was the fact that I was the one who first noticed that she had broken the record and I told her the happy news!  What's more was that no one was conscious about the record. The general rule about records: "They are made when we don't even think about breaking them"; this is proved!
This young girl has just made her first step into track and field history, inking her name in the Records book, which I call the "history book", like many others have don ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 1423 | Added by: krystel | Date: 2011-05-11 | Comments (0)

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