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Three medals for Lebanon at the 15th Arab Juniors Championship that held in Amman Jordan: 1 Gold and 2 bronze.

At the first day of the championship, Krystel Saneh won the 1st bronze medal for Lebanon in Long jump, jumping 5.24m behind Egypt and Tunis. In the heptathlon day 1, she was 5th with 2242 pts. Maha Al-Moallem ran a 12.23s (w) in semi-final and was qualified for the final finishing second overall after the Egyptian girl who run the 100m in 12.22s! The day after, we were sure that Maha was going to bring a medal for Lebanon but we were wondering what color the medal will be, hoping that it will be gold of course. Maha and the Egyptian girl ran an astonishing race that only the photo-finish could determine who the winner is! In the end Maha was the Gold medalist with a beautiful time of 12.11! With a very bad start and a 12.11s, Maha could run even a better time. She's getting closer to the historical 12.01s of Gretta Taslakian. Krystel Saneh finished 5th in her 7 events with 3857 pts, 16 pts behind the 4th: 18.22 (+2.4); 1.50m; 8.27m; 26.69 (+4.6) / 5m17 (+1.7); 30.31m; 2:44.14.

The 3rd day, Mohammad Hannouf had to run the 800m. He ran a great 600m with the leaders but couldn't give more for the last 200m! He did his best in the last 200m, but ... Read more »
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This Wednesday 16th May, 4 athletes from Lebanon will participate in the 15th Arab Juniors Championship: Ali Saleh (Inter-Lebanon) will do Long Jump on Saturday 19 at 6:00 PM, Mohammad Hannouf (Inter-Lebanon) will be running the 800m Semi-Final on Friday 18 at 6:30 PM and the Final, if he qualifies, on Saturday 19 at 5:40 PM, Maha Al Mouallem (Inter-Lebanon) will have a full 4 days event, she will run the 100m Semi-Finals Wednesday 16 at 5:40 PM then, if she qualifies of course, she will run the finals on Thursday 17 at 7:10 PM. The second day she will run the 200m Semi-Finals this time on Friday 18 at 6:00 PM then, if she qualifies, she will be running the finals Saturday 19 at 6:00 PM. Krystel Saneh (Champville) will do Heptathlon on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 and Long Jump between the 7 events of the heptathlon, on Wednesday 16 at 6:00 PM. We hope that our athletes will return hope safe and with medals around the neck!

The results of each athlete will be directly posted on the webpage. At the same time the Lebanese Bantam and Midget Championship will start ths Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 at Jamhour.
Check the Schedule of the 15th Arab Juniors Championship by following this link:
Arab Juniors Championship Schedule< ... Read more »
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Before I mention the results of the Lebanese Juniors and Youth Championships, last week the Inter-Lebanon and road running club has organized a local meeting at the Sports City of Beirut, where 2 national and 1 juniors’ records were broken! Nour Fakhoury (Inter-Lebanon) who broke the 100m Hurdles few days before, has just improved her record by hurdling a great 100m in 16.05 seconds! Her previous record was 16.45s. The record done, we expect her to do a sub 16 seconds, and of course she can! Furthermore, Maria-Pia Nehme (Inter-Lebanon) came back to her routine that consists of improving her performance race after race, to improve this time her 3000m national record clocking a beautiful 10:16.86. On the other hand, Badri Obeid (Army), the National record holder of Shot Put with 17.01m and 943 points set at the Jeux de la Francophonie in 2009, scored this time 17.16m which proves that he can always give his best and throw even further!

Back to the Youth and Juniors Championships; I was asking myself and I'm sure that many of you asked the same question before: Where are the Lebanese clubs? We only see 5 clubs of 20! Club Sportif de Jamhour, Inter-Lebanon, Champville, Antonins and Phoenicia, and the numberof participant is not large! Ok, track and field is not a popular sport like football and basketball, but it is the base of all sports! This is why it’s called the mother of all sports! Where are the young athletes?? And wher ... Read more »
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The 2012 Lebanese season started Thursday with the Junior Category and Saturday with the Seniors at the Lebanese University Championship. Without an indoor season unfortunately, most of the athletes appeared in April for the first time this year.

On Thursday 26th Nour Fakhroury (Inter-Lebanon) broke the 100m Hurdles Juniors record with 16.45 seconds, the previous record was held by Zeina Mina with 17.10s since 1981! Nour, a Lebanese Hurdler who was living and training in Spain, is now here and just signed her name in the history book!

On Saturday the 28th Mohammad Siraj Tamim (Inter-Lebanon) ran a beautiful one lap setting a new national record with 48.23 seconds! Behind him Ramzi Naim (Inter-Lebanon) who won the 100m in 10.88s, also ran a fabulous one lap clocking 48.49s! Ramzi  broke two University records in the 100 and 400 meters. Both men are getting closer to the 48 seconds barrier; the question is now: "who will be the first Lebanese Athlete to break the 48 seconds barrier?" We should mention that this was the first time that two Lebanese run  sub 49 seconds in one race, and they both broke the previous record of 48.76s done by Ali Hazer. Kassem Hamze who, in 1972 at the Ol ... Read more »

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Date: 28/04/2012
Venue: Lebanese University of Hadath

16:00 Grouping & Registration
16:30 100m W
16:30 Shot Put W
16:30 High Jump W
16:40 100m M
17:00 400m W
17:10 400m M
17:10 Shot Put M
17:10 Long Jump W
17:20 High Jump M
17:30 800m M
17:40 800m W
18:00 Long Jump M
18:10 200m W
18:20 200m M

N.B: The participants should have their University ID for registration.

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation is organizing a meeting for juniors this Thursday 26th April in Jamhour, in preparation for the Arab Juniors Championship that will be held in Amman.


5:30 Grouping
6:00 100m Juniors Women
6:00 Long Jump Juniors Women
6:00 High Jump juniors Men
6:10 100m Juniors Men
6:20 400m Juniors Men
6:30 400m Juniors Women

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Every four years, the world comes together to watch athletes compete in either summer or winter sports competitions. Many athletes aspire and dream about the Olympics, few make it. But for those few, they are the top of their sport and arguably some of the best athletes of all time. Over the last 29 Olympics, there have been more than 12,000 medals handed out and this top 10 list is just a paltry sum when compared to the overall total. However, these Top 10 Olympians represent the cream of the crop winning the most gold medals.
For this list, ties are broken by most silver after gold and then most bronze.

10. Matt Biondi:

Full Name: Matthew Nicholas Biondi
Career: 1983-1992
Date of Birth: October 8, 1965 (age 46)
Nationality: American
Sport: Swimming
Specialty: Butterfly, Freestyle
Record: 8 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympics.
... Read more »
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Some of the athletes preparing for the Games didn't attend the world Indoors in Istanbul, while others fixed indoor goals to achieve. Turkey got a lot of critics about the organization and some technical stuff, but this didn't affect at all the great ambiance of the worlds!

The Pentathlon record done by Natallia Dobrynska was the biggest surprise! When Jessica Ennis intended to break the world record that had stand for 20 years, Natallia stole it in front of her doing her best performance in Long Jump in that pentathlon. Dobrynska was the first woman to break the 5000 points barrier, she scored 5013 while Ennis broke the National record with 4965, and the previous world record was 4991 for
Irina Belova. Although, the world record in heptathlon was broke by Ashton Eaton scoring 6645 points, the previous record was also held by Eaton. Brittney Reese was 14cm far from the world record, in the last jump she scored 7.23m!

Ali Hazer was sent to represent Lebanon after his 8.34s on 60m Hurdles next to his Brother Ahmad who clocked 8.24s improving his national record of 8.36s but done outdoor. Ahmad decided to focus on the Games just like Gretta ... Read more »
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IAAF Article:

The final day of the 5th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships witnessed a record being bettered in every other event, but Qatari youngster Mutaz Barshim take the sheen away from others with his high octane 2.37m world Lead in the High Jump on Sunday (19).

In fact Barshim was leading the six title defenders from last edition of the championships, which was held two years ago in Teheran, to Hangzhou, China.  Having here with a 2.33m area record set in Spala, Poland, just a week ago, Barshim was already the leading name at the two-day meet. The 20-year-old’s mark in Poland bettered the the previous continental mar, set by Chin's Zhu Jianhua 26 years ago, by two centimetres.

Although he could have easily won here with a lower height, the Qatari, the 2010 World junior champion and winner at the quadrangular Asian Games in Guangzhou that same year, wanted to prove that he wo ... Read more »

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation is organizing on Sunday 25th March the Lebanese Cross Country Championship for all categories that will held in the Lebanese University of Hadath.


7:30 Grouping
8:00 Seniors Men (12,100m)
8:50 Seniors and Juniors Women (5800m)
9:30 Bantam Girls (1400m)
9:45 Bantam Boys (1800m)
10:00 Midget Girls (1800m)
10:15 Midget Boys (2200m)
10:30 Youth Girls (2200m)
10:50 Youth Boys (3100m)
11:15 Juniors Men (7400m)

View Map Real Size

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When we compare the performance done by our ancestors in sports and the performances that athletes are doing today, we automatically think about the evolution of technology that directly affected all kind of sports by enhancing performances. The product that can "Boost Your Performance" is the BOOSTER. To optimist your performances, to prevent injuries, to reduce fatigue and to speed your recovery, the BOOSTER is the ideal product for you!


. Background:
The BOOSTER was created in 2003 in collaboration the French Track and Field 4x100m Relay Team and the BV SPORT Research and Development Center. The product is the results of exertion-specific manufacturing technology.

. Technology:
The BOOSTER encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles and soleus by reducing oscillatory movement, the source of fatigue and muscular injuries. Moreover, the BOOSTER reduces muscular vibration and improves the contraction and toning of muscles. The progressive compression/setting im ... Read more »
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Comparison.. that's what we always do.. we compare an athlete to another, a country level to another, the national level to the international one, the endurance of athletes, or the speed and the throws or the jumps.. We compare a performance to the record.. This is the point, we always compare something to something better, excellent and perfect, even if the perfection doesn't exist.
By definition, Excellence is a talent or quality which is exceptionally good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also an aim for standard of performance. In Track and Field, scientists say that the human body has limits, if you take it logically, of course it has, but how far can that body  go? From the 19th century till now, world records are improving, and the human body is always pushing the limits. If we Believe what the scientist are saying, we must see the progression stopping at a certain limit, but no one can tell.. If we "compare" the training conditions and techniques of the 20th century and now, we see a huge difference in thinking, in concepts and strategies, of course, due to the technological revolution. But, if we can't determine how far the technology can go we can't determine how far the human body can go. There are also other conditions, such as the weather conditions which are slowly and gradually becoming worse. This can directly affect the improvements of the athlete, even though, humans can ... Read more »
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When previously the CSJ added 2 individual records set by Daniel Bassous and Athony Mikael, this time the CSJ midget and youth Team added 2 new records to the history book! The youth boys, with Michel Maalouly, Daniel Bassous, Anthony Mikael and Pierre Sarkis, clocked a superb time of 45.15s in 4x100m relay smashing the previous one held by Maristes Jbeil by 1 second! The same team one week ago in 2011, did the same great achievement but at that time the electric timer didn't work.. They didn't give up and improved also the manual time. Furthermore, the Midget Girls finally broke the 4x80m relay record, after 4 attempts! Joelle Feghali, Christina Maalouly, Nayla Saniour and Joy Abou Sleiman (the world silver medalist in Taekwondo ITF) scored 42.84 seconds, the previous record was 42.96 seconds by CAEJ.

View Results of the Meeting
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2011 was an exceptional year for track and field in Lebanon. In the first half of the year, we saw our young athletes achieving great performances and breaking records. In the second half, we saw seniors and some young athletes excelling and collecting titles and medals in the major championships. The season is always short for the young athletes and we say that "when they breathe they improve". This is why, every year we expect these athletes to do something great, we expect to see new faces, new talents who will be following the steps of their ancestors and become champions one day.

The Achievement Of the YEAR!
I want to start by the Achievement of the year, which is the Silver Medal won by Gretta Taslakian at the Asian Championship on 200m! Her very long and fruitful career made her the best women athlete in track and field in Lebanon. She raised the Lebanese Flag very high so it can fly at the top of the world! Gretta added new titles and medals to her collection by winning 2 gold medals in 100 and 200 meters at Al-Ain for the Pan Arab Championship, and one month later she won a silver and a gold medal on the same distances in the 12th Pan Arab games that happen every four years, one year before the Olympic Games, of course Gretta will represent Lebanon in London next year with 1084 points on the scoring table, collected with the superb 200m run in Al-Ain which is the second best 200m run of her career wi ... Read more »
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On the 28th December 2011, CSJ organized a meeting for the end of the season supervised by the LAF. Anthony Mikael, a midget boy who was so close to the 150m record of Charbel Najm 17.68s, for many times, finally break it 3 days ago by 0.02s. Anthony just added a first individual record to his 2 relays records: 4x60m and the medley relay. He still has 5 months to improve his record and get it close to the 17s barrier.
After 2 days, CSJ organized another meeting, this time Daniel Bassous ended his youth category with a 400m Hurdles record in hand! He broke the record in his first 400mh run! A record previously held by Ramzi Naim who had at that time 51.16s on 400m, while Daniel Bassous has 52.22s on the same distance, the previous record was 59.78 and the new one is 0.63s better with 59.15s. We all know that in 400m or in 400m Hurdles, your next run should be better than the first one, and the third one better than the second.. I bet that this record can't stand more than 2 weeks! In 7/01/2012, Bassous will run again, and we're expecting him to break it again and again! He has two full years to get close to Ahmad Hazer's record of 55.44s. We should note that Daniel Bassous holds 2 relay records: the 4x400m for youth and the Medley relay.
Moreover, on the 30th, a new relay record was set, but unfortunately the electric timer didn't work due to darkness. The CSJ team with Anthony Mikael,  Daniel Bassous, Michel Maalouly an ... Read more »
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Asia, Middle East, Qatar, Doha, Aspire.. there were the 12th Arab Games 2011! Why I note that? Because Qatar did an amazing job by hosting the Arab Games, the country showed the World that she can aspire and inspire the athletes, the other Countries and the world. She invested a huge amount to make the games unforgettable for the athletes and the spectators.

Lebanon in the Games:
Let's start by the Track and Field team, with Gretta Taslakian, our great sprinter that showed one more time in the
games that she is someone to watch! She finished second in 100m with 11.96s, beaten by the Iraqi girl who won for the first time a race vs Gretta. We were expecting 2 gold, but in the end, Gretta ran a beautiful 200m in 24.10s and won the first and only Gold medal for Lebanon in Track and field.
The Lebanese Team was formed by 3 girls and 3 boys: Gretta Taslakian (Gold and Silver), Saria Traboulsi (5th heat in 400m: 1:00.94 and 6th in 800m: 2:21.91), Mohammad Siraj Tamim (Did not start), Ahmad Hazer (7th in 110m Hurdles: 14.70), Ali Hazer (4th in Decathlon 6515 pts: 11.17(+1.5), 6.63m(+0.1 ), 11.91m, 1.79m, 50.35 / 15.86(-0.2), 35.24m, 3.50m, 45.62m, 4:49.22) and Krystel Saneh (4th in Long Jump: 5.23 ... Read more »
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By definition, Doping is the practice of adding impurities to something. In our case, that "something" is our body; the weapon that we use to win races, to challenge the greatest, to measure our limits and to reach the top performances. Doping in sports is a term for the use of performance-enhancing drugs or blood doping and other issues to improve illegally the athletic performance.

The use of drugs to enhance performance is considered unethical by most international sports organizations and especially the International Olympic Committee. It does concern us, as Track and Field athletes, because track and field is the only sport that measures the potential of the "pure" body of the human. This sport is known as the most "fair" one, it is blind of the issues of color, religion and abilities, this is why, by using these materials, you are breaking the equilibrium of sport by having an unfair advantage over the others, then your win will be unfair, you won't enjoy the victory as if you won with a "pure body", standing on the podium, you will have a sense of rumor, something will hide from you the real feel of winning! You will be living in an illusion, until you realize that you don't deserve the clap of the public, the tears of your countrymen, and all the honors!

... Read more »
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I bet those of you who watched the 1992 Summer Olympics remained speechless watching this video.
For those who can not afford the sacrifice of the sport, those who seek to leave, and those who are planning to give up.. This video is for you.

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At the 17th Pan Arab Championship that held in Abu Dabi, only two Lebanese athletes were participating, Gretta Taslakian (Inter-Lebanon) and Ahmad Hazer (Ansar). Unfortunately, Ahmad was disqualified due to a false start.

After her Silver Medal in the Asian Championship this year, and her qualification to the Semi-Final in the 26th Universiade, she added two gold medals to her achievements by winning the 100 meters in 11.96 seconds and the 200 meters in 23.68 seconds in the 17th Pan Arab Championship!! Her second best run ever on 200m after the 23.56s! Gretta is and will always surprise! Gretta is to watch in London 2012 for her 3rd successive Olympic Games!
2010 was the astonishing comes back, 2011 led her to the top of the world, what are you preparing for 2012?


View: Gretta Taslakian Profile
View: Ahmad Hazer Profile
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Nike organized a 5km run at Beyrouth, today, Sunday 23rd October 2011. The event was divided into 5 categories, male and female under 17 and over 17, and wheelchairs.

Female under 17:
1- Lea Iskandar: 19:50
2- Sarah Awalli: 20:36
3- Sarah Khatib: 22:27

Male under 17:
1- Georges Haddad: 18:25
2- Daniel Bassous: 18:36
3- Ahmad Shour: 18:51

Female over 17:
1- Hoda Al-Awadi: 19:34
2- Sally Younes: 20:33
3- Karla Jabbour: 21:50

Male over 17:
1- Ali Souwaidane: 15:50
2- Alex Rey: 15:51
3- Houssein Kaiss: 15:54

1- Malek Obeidi: 26:24

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