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When You Ink Your Own History

BV Sport

When we compare the performance done by our ancestors in sports and the performance that athletes are doing today, we automatically think about the evolution of technology that directly affected all kind of sports by enhancing performances. The product that can "Boost you performance" is the BOOSTER. All the technologies invested by BV Sport to optimize your performance, prevent injuries, reduce fatigue and speed your recovery, are all in one product.


. Encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles for a better muscular effect
. Reduces oscillatory movements which is the source of fatigue and injuries
. Reduces muscular vibration
. Improves the contraction and toning of muscles
. Improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical exertion
. Regular wear delays the sensation of heavy legs and considerably reduces cramping

. The Booster should be used EXCLUSIVELY during physical exertion
. Can be used in conjunction with our range of recovery socks

Choose your product:
Black Booster
White Booster
Blue Booster
Blue Pastel Boorster

Price: 83$

Pink Booster
Grey Booster
Orange Booster
Green Booster

Green Nigh Vision Booster


. Vibration Reduction
. Temperature controlling technology
. Muscular tonicity

Choose your product:
White Sleeve
Black Sleeve

Price 60$:


. Improves the oxygenation of the muscle fibres and reduces the risk of microlesions.
. Delays the fatigue limit during effort and reduces stiffness or DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) after effort

. So as to avoid chafing, the power thigh should be positioned at 3 cm beneath the groin.

Choose your product:
Black Thigh Sleeve



Technology: Prorecup Elite:
. The special compression effect acts on the principle reservoir of the calf, which is a true muscular and venous sponge.
. The pressures adapted for the calf allow the more rapid elemination of poorly oxygenated and toxin filled blood (lactic acid, free radicals, carbon dioxide)
. Speeds ip the feeding of oxygenated blood to your muscular, tendinous, and ligamentary fibres
. Allow the speed recovery and thus continue training and competing under the best possible conditions

. The Elite and Recup AR Recovery socks should be worn immediately after any physical excertion for a minimum period of two hours

Technology: Confort:
. Refreshes and relaxes the legs and is adapted to professionals activites centred on walking and sitting or standing for long periods of time
. Prevent swelling and heaviness of the legs

. Can be worn on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of toxins throughout the day
. These socks are recommended for all transport by plane, train, bus or car

Choose your product:
White Prorecup
Black Prorecup Confort

Price: 100$


Technology: Running socks:
. Improve the transfer of perspiration at the sole of the heel and the toe
. Friction free is used on the points of support to prevent chafing and blisters
. The front air system ensures better ventilation at the top of the foot and on the top pf flexion

Technology: Trail socks:
. Its mid height leg has a protective tongue which makes them easy to put on for a race and once turned over prevent stones from getting into the shoe
. Protect the medial and lateral malleolus plus reinforc on the Achilles tendon
. The seamless wide ribbed trim offers excellent support and optimal comfort
. The FRONT AIR system offers a better ventilation of the top of the foot. The lightweight knit at the point of flexion allows for easy movement of the foot
. The sole is reinforced to improve arch support

Choose your product:

Black & White
Black & RedPink

Price: 30$


Green Evolution
Black & RedOrange & Grey



Technology: Anatomical Thigh for Effort:
. Providing support, it improves the tonicity of the muscles subject to the greatest strain
. Reduces vibration
. Improves muscle efficiency and performance
. Speeds up the elimination of toxins
. Improves the oxygenation in muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical effort
. When worn regularly, it reduces the risk of injury
. It is especially suitable for users having suffered injury or just getting back into sport

. During physical effort

Technology: Power Thigh for recovery:

. Offers perfect control over the pressure exerted on the thigh

. Encourages the elimination of toxins from the venous and lymphatic system

. The supporting bands help to drain the acid metabolites and lactates stored in the muscles during and after sport

. The sensation of fatigue, soreness, heaviness and pain all dispear very quickly

. The combined action of the PRORECUP ELITE and the POWER THIGH affords optimal and speedy elimination of toxins from the calves and thighs


. It must be worn as soon as possible after sport and for at least 2 hours.

. It can be worn for longer depending on the type of sport and level of physical effort

Choose your product:Anatomical Tight - Half Tight

3/4 Tight

Long Thigh

Price: 120$

Price: 125$

Price: 130$

Recovery Power Thigh

Price: 130$


Technology: Anatomical shirt for effort:

. Designed to reinforce the aponeuroses and hence endure better muscle support

. Vibrations are dampened while the wearer enjoys complete freedom of movement

. Made from Bbones Ffiber material to ensures optimal evacuation of persiration

. The Bones Fiber improve heat exchange: it is twice as efficient as cotton and 3 times better than conventional polyamides

. The prespiration that builds up on the skin is transferred to the outside of the fabric in record time, resulting in ideal body temperature control

Choose your product:Shirt Black
White Shirt

Long Sleeve

Price: 120$

Price: 130$

Coming SOON



MesurementsFor Boosters - Prorecup Elite - Comfort

For All Thighs - Thigh SleevesFor All Shirts

*Height in cms - Weight in kg

Select you products and contact:Georges SawayaCell: 03-440708Mail: georges.sawaya@mountain-elite.com

Krystel Saneh
Cell: 71-324847
Mail: krystelsaneh@live.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BV.Sport.Lebanon



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