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Lea OBEID won Gold medal at the Arab Youth Championship in 12.40 seconds. The next day her teammate Sara Joe KORTBAWI won silver on 800 meters running the distance in 2:14.85! With her 12.22 at the Asian Championship, Lea OBEID was the first youth athlete to do the qualification standards for the World Youth Championship!

Today, Sara Joe KORTBAWI only needs 0.85 to qualify to the Worlds! If she does so, we will see two Lebanese athletes representing our country at the World Championship!

Really great achievements by our Lebanese girls, hoping that the boys will do the same!

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08 May 2015 – Today, Lea OBEID entered the history of athletics by winning a silver medal at the 1st Youth Asian Athletics Championship in Doha, Qatar, AND breaking the long standing youth Lebanese record of Lina BEJJANI (12.36 in 2000), by running the 100 meters in 12.22 seconds! A time that allows her to directly qualify for the World Youth Championship, something never done by a youth Lebanese Athlete before!

This incredible performance will not only allow her to take part in big events for her age but also place her between the best athletes overall in Lebanon! For the first edition of the Asian Championships, Lea set a new championship record, by running in the semi-finals the record time of 12.22s. In the finals, the gold winner ran the distance in 12.27 seconds!

Silver medal, World Championships Qualifications, Championship record, Lebanese Youth record, what else can a 16 years old dream of? This will be a great motivation for OBEID who will also run the 200 meters in this championship!

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation organized yesterday, Saturday 14, a local meeting in preparation for the Youth West Asian Championship. The meeting also included events for Senior athletes. Sandy KARAM set a new Junior and Senior record in 3km race walking in 15:49.33.

“I woke up yesterday and told my sister that its a good weather and a good day to break a record, thinking of her breaking the midget record and not even thinking about mine. I was very excited to see where I am now with my performances in this start of the season especially in the 3000m.” Said Sandy.

In her first 3km of the season, she was 1 second away from breaking her own record, yesterday, she went 10 seconds above the record. This season she is preparing for the 10km race walking, the official distance for Juniors, but she will also participate in 20km race walking for seniors.

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation organized today morning, the Lebanese Cross Country Individual Championship – Melanie Freiha’s Cup, at Notre Dame de Jamhour field. It was divided into four categories: Men 17+, Women 17+, Boys -17 and Girls -17.

Melanie still holds the 2000 meters steeplechase record for both the Youth and Juniors category. She used to be a very strong opponent in the cross country and also was a great high jumper! Today, not only the athletes from her club ran for her, everyone who ran today, ran for Melanie. Some came to run only because its Melanie Frieha’s Cup, to honor her, others were not ready for this championship but did their best to complete the race for her.

Jesse Owens used to say that “Friendship born on the field of athletics strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust”. This friendship will never die, it will last forever, until we meet again.

Athletics is about competing and winning, but after the race, off the track, we are one big family of athletes, coaches and referees ... Read more »

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation organized the first track and field competition of the season on Saturday, February 21st at the Lebanese University of Hadath, where Lea OBEID and Jad KHOURY were the only two athlete to set new records; the first two records of the year.

Lea OBEID from Champville who turned 16 on February 22nd, was able to set a new Midget record (U15) in 80 meters with 10.41 seconds. The previous record was 10.48 seconds for the same athlete. Lea also run the 60 and 150 meters, setting a record-performance in the 60 meters in 7.96s but wasn’t considered as one due to the strong wind that went above 2.0 m/s. She ran the 150 meters in 20.29 seconds.

Jad KHOURY from Champville set a new Midget record in 300 meters running the distance in 38.38 seconds. The previous record was also held by the same athlete in 38.75s. Jad also ran the 60 and 100 meters in two record-performances of 7.22 and 11.28 respectively. Unfortunately, the records weren’t legal due to the stro ... Read more »

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation is organizing this Sunday, February 15, the Lebanese Age group Cross Country Championship at Jamhour.


7:30 Grouping

8:00 Men 9200m (1981-1995)

8:45 Women 5400m (1981-1995)

9:10 Kids U12 Girls 1000m (2004-2005)

9:20 Kids U12 Boys 1400m (2004-2005)

9:30 Bantam U14 Girls 1400m (2002-2003)

9:45 Bantam U14 Boys 1800m (2002-2003)

10:00 Midgets U16 Girls 1800m (2000-2001)

10:15 Midgets U16 Boys 2800m (2000-2001)

10:30 Youth U18 Girls 2800m (1999-1998)

10:45 Youth U18 Boys 3200m (1999-1998)

11:10 Juniors U20 Women 3600m (1996-1997)

11:40 Juniors U20 Men 4600m (1996-1997)

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation just set the 2015 Calendar of competitions, and the age group categories. Find below the major competition in 2015 and the age group categories for this year, and note that additional local meets will be organized throughout the year.

2015 Calendar:

  • 25/01/2015: 15th Asian Marathon Championship – Hong Kong, HKG, organized by the AAAA
  • 15/02/2015: Lebanese Age Group Cross Country Championship – Jamhour, Organized by the FLA
  • 22/02/2015: Lebanese Open Cross Country Championship (12, 8 and 4 km) – Jamhour, Organized by the FLA
  • 24/02/2015: The 1st Open Cross Country Championship (Women/Men) – Bahrain, Organized by the WAAA
  • 15/03/2015: Nakoura 10km Race, Organized by the Elite Club
  •           -          : Army General 4th Cup Race, Organized by the Elite Club
  • 15/03/2015: Asian 20km Race Walking C ... Read more »
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The Club Sportif Jamhour (CSJ), organized its second and third meetings for the end of the season on Monday, December 29th, and Tuesday, December 30th, where many Lebanese records were broken.

Maysa MOUAWAD from CSJ set three records on her own on Monday. The first was in the high jump, where she cleared 1.42 cm improving her old record by 12 cm! Amazing performance by the 11 year-old who is getting closer to the U13 record already. She also shined on the 50 meters, clocking 7.49 seconds, this time with a legal wind of +1.3 m/s. She also ran the 250 meters in 38.27 seconds setting her 3rd record of the day. Maysa also competed in Long Jump and Relay.

On the next day, she improved her 50 meters record clocking 7.46 seconds and her 250m record with 38.05 seconds.

Jad Khoury from Champville improved his 80 meters record by running the distance in 9.27 seconds. He also ran the 150 meters in 17.25 seconds not so far from his last week record. But the day after, he broke his own 150 meters record by 0.01 second clocking 17.13 seconds, and finishing second after the Leban ... Read more »

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