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The season has ended early this year compared to the previous years, but not for our Youth Athletes who are traveling tomorrow to Jordan where the 2nd Youth West Asian Championship will be held from 23 to 25 October. Four girls and three boys will represent Lebanon in the championship:
Joy Abousleiman in Long and triple jump, Sandy Karam in Race Walking, Sara-Joe Kortbawi in 800m and 1500m, Joelle Feghali in 200 and 400 meters, the girls will also participate in the medley relay with a chance of winning the gold; Ahmad Chour in 800 and 1500 meters, Christopher Boulos in 100 and 200 meters and finally Alain Saad in Shot Put.

This summer, Sara-Joe Kortbawi and Ahmad Chour went to Nanjing - China, to participate in the 2nd Asian Youth Games in preparation for the Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Nanjing - China next year in August. Sara-Joe ran the 800m in 2:21.30, she had to do her Personal Best to be the 7th qualified for the final. In 1500 meters she finishes 8th in 4:52.67 between 17 girls. Ahmad ran the 800 meters in 2:01.18 to qualify to the final,
the fastest 800m by a Midget Lebanese athlete, where he finished 7th with 2:02.50, on 1500 meters he finishes 13th in 4:31.27. Our two athletes have done very good results comparing to the other athletes from different sports, and we hope that these two will also perform well next year in the ... Read more »
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Date: 27, 28 and 29 August 2013
Venue: CSJ Track and Field Jamhour


Tuesday 27:
16:00 - Grouping at CSJ Track and Field
16:30 - High Jump Men - Final
16:30 - Shot Put 4kg Women - Final
16:30 - 400m Hurdles 0.91m Men - Final 1 On Time
16:37 - 400m Hurdles 0.91m Men - Final 2 One Time
16:45 - 400m Hurdles 0.74m Women - Final
16:55 - 100m Women - Semi Final 1
17:02 - 100m Women - Semi Final 2
17:10 - 100m Men - Semi Final 1
17:17 - 100m Men - Semi Final 2
17:25 - 100m Men - Semi Final 3
17:35 - 10,000m Men - Final
17:40 - Long Jump Women - Final
17:45 - Shot Put 7.26kg Men - Final
18:15 - 800m Women - Final
18:25 - 5000m Women - Final
18:45 - 1500m Men - Final
18:55 - 100m Women - Final
19:00 - 100m Men - Final

Wednesday 28:
9:00 - Grouping at Lebanese University Hadath
9:30 - 5000m Race Walk Men - Final
9:30 - Hammer Throw 7.26 Men - Final
10:00 - Hammer Throw 4kg Women - Final
16:00 - Grouping at CSJ Track and field jamhour
16:30 - Discuss Throw 1kg Women - Final
16:30 - High Jump Women - Final
16:30 - 110m Hurdles 1.06m Men - Final 1 on time
16:37 - 110m Hurdles 1.06m Men - Final 2 on time
16:50 - 100m Hurdles 0.84m Women - Final
17:00 - 200m Women - Semi Final 1
17:07 - 2 ... Read more »
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Vartkes Eskibachian, another name inked in the history book, one of the first ones. He is the founder of homentmen track and field. He is one of the few coaches who studied abroad, in Portugal, and contributed in the development of Track and Field in Lebanon. The coach of many big names in the sport like Arda Kalpaklian, Esther Metzmoroukian, Anahid Saatjian and more.. M. Vartkes has passed away this morning.

For his memorial, I want to share with you this story of how I met him 3 months ago:
... Read more »

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This season, after winning a Gold medal in 400 meters at the Arab Championship and setting a national record, Gretta Taslakian won a Bronze medal in the 20th Asian Athletics Championship improving the her National record again! She ran the 400m in 53.43 seconds! Gretta was the silver medalist 2 years before in the 200 meters.

Furthermore, Ahmad Hazer ran the 110m hurdles in 14.13 (-0.4m/s). We should note that Ahmad and Gretta traveled from Turkey where the Mediterranean Games were held to India right after the Games to participate in the Asians.

Ali Hazer set a National record in 400m hurdles clocking 53.47 seconds after finishing 5 events in the decathlon. But he faced a strong hamstring cramp that didn't allow him to finish the 110m hurdles on day 2 and continue the decathlon.


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The first medal for Lebanon in the Arab Youth championship was won by Patrick Hanna in High Jump. The Lebanese young man who lives and trains in Canada not only won a medal in this event but also set a new national record for his category with a 1.96m jump. The day after, he participated in the Triple Jump. A jump of 14.23m put him in second place behind Algeria! The third medal was won the last day by Alain Saad who surprised everyone winning a Bronze medal in Shot Put with a shot at 14.86 meters! We should note that all the medalist are male! We are used to see girls on the podium of these championships. Well done boys!

On the other hand, the first day, first event was the 5km race walk, where Sandy Karam took 4th place behind two girls from Tunis, one of them did the second best performance in the world, and a girl from Egypt. She set a new National record with 28:5 ... Read more »
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The Arab Youth Championship will be held this week in Egypt, from 21 to 23 June in Cairo. The Lebanese team will travel tomorrow.

National Team:

Anthony Mickael, who ran 11.13 in 100m this season is the first to qualify for the World Youth Championship that will held in Ukraine next month, will be part of the national team. He also broke the 400m youth record in 50.77. Anthony will participate in the 200 and 400 meters.
Although, Patrick Hanna, a young Lebanese athletes who lives in Canada came especially to Lebanon to go representing Lebanon in Egypt. Patrick is the son of Ziad Hanna, an athlete that still hold the Lebanese Youth record in Long jump unbeatable since 1980! His personal best this year in high jump is 1.93m outdoor and 1.97m indoor, and in triple jump 14.26m. He also hold the records for both events.
Christopher Boulos who revealed himself on the track this year with 22.59 on 200m will participate in 100 and 200 meters.
Alain Saad will als ... Read more »
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Meeting Inter-Lebanon - Friday 05/04:
- Mohammad Siraj Tamim: National record in 400m with 48.08s;
- Charbel Saad: Juniors Record in Shot Put (6kg) with 15.03m

Meeting FLA - Saturday 06/04:
- Sandy Karam: Youth, Juniors and national record in 3km race walk in 16:57.47
- Chloe Karam: Best Performance for Bantam in 3km race walk in 20:43.33

>>> Results

Schedule Meeting FLA - Saturday 13/04:
For Midgets, Youth and Juniors only

15:30 Grouping
16:00 100m hurdles - Girls - 84cm
16:00 Discuss Throw - Girls - 1kg
16:00 High Jump - Boys
16:10 Triple Jump - Girls - Planche 8m
16:15 110m Hurdles - Boys - 91cm
16:25 200m - Girls
16:35 200m - Boys
16:45 3000m - Boys
17:00 Discuss Throw - Boys - 1.5kg
17:00 3000m - Girls
17:10 Long Jump - Boys
17:15 3km race walk - Girls
17:15 High Jump - Girls
17:40 800m - Girls
17:50 800m - Boys
18:00 4x100 - Girls
18:10 4x100 - Boys

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ALERT: GW501516

Please inform your athletes as soon as possible.

To: All Anti-Doping Organizations

It has come to WADA’s attention that the black market substance GW501516 is being sold to and used by some athletes.

The side effect of this chemical compound is so serious that WADA is taking the rare step of warning "cheats” to ensure that there is complete awareness of the possible health risks to athletes who succumb to the temptation of using GW501516 for performance enhancement.

GW501516 was a developmental drug that was withdrawn from research by the pharmaceutical company and terminated when serious toxicities were discovered in pre-clinical studies.

Clinical approval has not, and will not be given for this substance.

However, GW501516 has been available for some months on the black market, through the Internet and elsewhere. Anti-Doping authorities have already seen its use by athletes, as there are a number of positive cases.

Please pass this information on to your athletes as soon as possible

World Anti-Doping Agency
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2012 has ended with a new, young and motivated Lebanese Federation, presided by Roland Saade.

2013 makes its debut with an international indoor competition the 21st Fajr International Competition, followed by a dinner organized by the LAF to honor Mir Abdallah Chehab and all the athletes who set records during the year, and few local meetings organized by clubs.

The first meeting set by the LAF will be on April 6, and will be followed by two other meetings one on April 13 and another one on April 20. The first meeting is set to select the national team for the 2nd Youth West Asian Championship where only Youth and Midgets events will be on the program. At the following meeting the Juniors will be able to compete and the 3rd one will be open for all categories.

The first athlete who attacked 2013 with great results is Maria-Pia Nehme with her 5000m record of 17:49:70 set in February. She also set an indoor 3000m record this month at Montreal with 10:25.68 and was the winner of the race!
On March 25, another meeting was organized by CSJ, where Lea Obeid set 8.02 seconds on 60 meters! The midget girl also did Long jump but her performance on 60m allowed her to collect 938 points on the indoor table, to be ranked 1st overall midgets performances of all times.

The season is still ... Read more »
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21st Fajr International Indoor Athletics Competition, Teheran - Iran:
Three athletes will represent Lebanon: Ali Hazer in heptathlon, Sara Awali in 800 and 1500 meters and Krystel Saneh in Long Jump and Pentathlon. Carine Bitchakjian will lead the team as a coach and as a representative of the Lebanese Federation.

The Schedule:

Day 1: Thursday 14/02/2013:

9:00 - 60m Heats
9:30 - Long Jump Final
9:45 - 3000m Final
9:45 - High Jump Final
10:15 - 800m Final
11:00 - 60m Final
11:00 - Shot Put Final
12:00 - 4x400m Relay Final
15:45 - 60m Heptathlon (1)
15:45 - Pole Vault Final
16:10 - 60m Heats
16:40 - 800m Final
16:40 - High Jump Final
17:30 - Long Jump Heptathlon (2)
17:30 - 3000m Final
18:15 - Shot Put Heptathlon (3)
18:30 - 60m Final
18:45 - Long Jump Final
19:15 - High Jump Heptathlon (4)

Day 2: Friday 15/02/2013:

8:30 - 60m Hurdles Pentathlon (1)
9:00 - 60m Hurdles Heat
9:30 - Long Jump Pentathlon (2)
9:30 - 400m Final
10:20 - Triple Jump Final
10:30 - Shot Put Pentathlon (3)
10:30 - 1500m Final
11:00 - High Jump Pentathlon (4)
12:00 - 800m Pentathlon (5)
15:00 - 60m H ... Read more »
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At the 2nd West Asian Championship that held in Dubai - UAE from the 12th to the 15th December, 18 athletes represented Lebanon at the games accompanied by the LAF officials; Jean Ghaoui and Salah Farran; Carine Bitchakjian as a National coach; and on the 2nd day of competition came the President M. Roland Saade to support the Lebanese team.

Over 12 countries, Lebanon was 4th with 3 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze, knowing that Lebanon was expected to win 5 gold!


. Gretta Taslakian: 200m, 400m
. Relay team: Gretta Taslakian, Maha Al Moallem, Christelle Rahme, Krystel Saneh: 4x100m Relay

. Hoda Awadi: 3000 Steeplechase
. Maria Pia Rahme: 5000m, 10,000m
. Sandy Karam: 10km Race Walk
. Sara Awalli: 800m
. Krystel Saneh: Long Jump
. Relay Team: Aziza Sbeity, Lory Tashjian, Sara Awalli, Saria Traboulsi: 4x400m Relay

. Saria Traboulsi: 400m, 800m
. Krystel Saneh: Triple Jump

Janette Said was 4th in Javeli ... Read more »
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On 24 November 2012 in Barcelona - Spain, Usain Bolt won his forth title of Male athlete of the year and Allyson Felix her first. They also received  trophies and US 100 000$ prize at the Athletes of the year Award Ceremony in the Grand Ballroom of the Pullman Skipper Hotel. The awards were hosted by International Athletics Foundation (IAF) Honorary President HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and IAF & IAAF President Lamine Diack, who presented the trophies to the Female and Male winners respectively.

Usain Bolt,
26, the World Athlete of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2011, successfully defended both his 100m and 200m titles at the Olympic Games in London, clocking 9.63 and 19.32 respectively, both the fastest times in the World this year. He concluded his Olympic appearance by anchoring a Jamaican quartet to a 36.84 World record in the 4x100m Relay. He won six out of seven competitions in the 100m, and three of four in the 200m.

"This means a lot to me as this was one of my hardest years," said Bolt. "My coach doesn't want us to discuss injuries, so I didn't talk about it, so
this means a lot."

Allyson Felix, 27, following World ... Read more »

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The 2nd West Asian championship will take place in Dubai from 12 to 16 December of this year. This event will group 11 countries: Bahrain - Lebanon - Syria - Qatar - UAE - KSA - Iran -Jordan - Palestine - Oman - Yemen.

Download the schedule here
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Chirine is a Lebanese Alpine Skier who lives in Chicago (United States), she represented Lebanon in the 2002 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic Games. When, how, why did Chirine start running? How did she run 3 hours 7 minutes in the Chicago marathon 3 weeks ago, knowing that the Lebanese record stands on 3:00:02! We contacted Chirine and she answered all our questions:

Who is Chirine Njeim?

Being an accomplished athlete has taught me a significant amount about myself and what truly motivates me. Through my experiences, I have always set ‘the bar’ high in an attempt to continually better myself and to reach my dreams.  One of those dreams was to compete in the Olympics as an alpine skier, a dream I realized in 2002, 2006, and in 2010 for my home country, Lebanon. To achieve that dream, I had to learn how to sacrifice and to be self-sufficient.

When did you decide to start running?

Studying, traveling and skiing have been my occupations since the age of 10. Skiing will always be my #1 sports at heart. I Never stopped skiing, I just couldn't race after the 2010 Olympic games because the Lebanese ski federation put a ho ... Read more »
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We heard that all the records set by Champville athletes at Sports City on the last meeting organized by Inter-Lebanon and Champville clubs, have been denied by the Lebanese Athletics Federation due to the fact that Elie Saade, the head coach at Champille club, was the only member of the LAF present, even though Fady Saleme, another member of the LAF, was also present that day and Elie Saade was there as a representative of the Federation. This means that the 2 records set by Sara-Joe Kortbawi and the 60m records set by Lea Obeid and Nour Mouaness will not be registered.

To be sure that this information is true, we contacted Elie Saade who denied this story and said that the records aren't confirmed YET, simply because he has the results and for personal reasons couldn't attend the meeting of the LAF.

We hope that these young athletes keep what's rightfully theirs. Athletes should never be the victims of misunderstandings and political problems.

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At the Meeting organized by Inter-Lebanon and Champville Clubs, Sara-Joe Kortbawi (Champville) added 2 new records to her collection:
. 3:03.82 in 1000m: Bantam, Midget, Youth and Juniors record;
. 7:03.28 in 2000m: Bantam and Midget records.

Nour Mouaness and Lea Obeid both from Champville club and Bantam 2 as well, ran the 60m in 8.33 seconds BOTH! The Bantam 60 meters Lebanese record is now equaled twice by Nour Mouaness and once by Lea Obeid. But in the 120 meters duel, Lea Obeid finished 1st in 16.17 while Nour clocked 16.32. The 120 meters Bantam record is held by Nour Mouaness in 16.13 seconds.


>>> Results
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The Lebanese Open Club championship starts Wednesday 29 at 4:30 PM at Notre Dame de Jamhour Track, Jamhour; and ends this Friday 31 at 7:30 PM.

On the first day, two records were broken: Sara-Jo Kortbawi ran an astonishing 800 meters finishing second behind Saria Traboulsi and clocking 2:18.78!! At only 13 years old this young girl is taking a road that no one at her age had ever taken! We should wait and see where the road will lead her.. The performance made by Kortbawi allows her to set not only a Bantam and midget record, but also a youth one. It will be just a matter of time for Korbawi to break the juniors' record of 2:15 and the seniors' one of 2:14. On the 3rd and last day of the Championship, Sara-Joe broke again the 1500 meters record. It's becoming a habit, every time she improves herself she break another record!

When interviewed by TFS  and asked how she did it and if she was expecting to improve her performance by 4 seconds and finish "with" Saria on the finish l ... Read more »
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The Summer XXX Games were officially declared open on July 27 by Queen Elizabeth II where young athletes received the honor of lighting the London Olympic flame in a spectacular ceremony, called the ‘The Isles of Wonder’, that was designed and coordinated by Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning director of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The whole idea that showed the British history from Shakespeare till 2012 passing by the industry revolution and showing Britain’s numerous cultural achievements, coasted the British organizers 27 million pound which equal 42.5 million dollar.
During the past two weeks, over 10,000 athletes from all over the globe competed for Olympic medals in the stadiums of London and other UK cities, and the closing ceremony scheduled for August 12. But the flame will not extinguish before the end of the Paralympic games that will start on the 29th of August and end on 9 September.

For the summer Olympic Games of London 2012, 10 Athletes represented Lebanon:

Saturday 28 July, Mona Shaito won her first match vs Egypt in
Women's Individual Foil in 7-6, then played vs Elisa Di Francisca from Italy the world champion and lost 2-15. Tvine Moumjoghlian lost her first match in Table Tennis - Women's Singles vs Cameroon in 4-0 (11-6, 11-4, 11-6, 11-2). ... Read more »
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Now that there are still 3 days for the opening of the 30th Summer Olympic Games London 2012, where all the athletes from around the globe are coming to compete with Peace, Loyalty and Respect, raising the flag of their nation, preparing for that moment months and years ago.. For some of them, they waited this moment all their life just to be part of "The Biggest Event", when others are dreaming of being legends and are counting their medals to go into history. Between the two categories held the one who is searching for the glory, searching for that unique medal to come. These are the Olympics; they are about Dreaming Believing and Achieving it.

For Lebanon, since the Bronze medal of Hassan Bechara in the Men's Greco-Roman super heavyweight (Wrestling) at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, we didn't win any Olympic medal. Today, 11 Lebanese athletes in 8 different games will fight for the fifth Olympic medal for Lebanon and maybe the 1st Gold! In Helsinki 1952, Zakaria Chihab and Khalil Taha won the first 2 Olympic medals for Lebanon! Zakaria won Silver in the Men's Greco-Roman bantamweight (Wrestling), and Khalil won the bronze in Men's Greco-Roman welterweight (Wrestling). 20 years later, the Great Mohamad Traboulsi won the 3rd Olympic medal for Lebanon in Men' ... Read more »
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The Lebanese Individual Championship will start on Friday July 6 and will be held in Jamhour. Hummer throw only will take place at Kafarchima, the army field. Every athlete like always can participate in more than 2 events in this championship and there are no relays.

Individual challenges will be on the schedule with the 800 meters race where Abdo Helou, Ahmad Ali, Osmat Ghreizi and Mohammad Hannouf will fight for the Lebanese Title. Abdo Helou who ran a beautiful 800m on saturday 23rd, clocking a 1:54.93, University record and PB, and Ahmad Ali who came 2nd behind Abdo that day, and Mohammad Hannouf who set the Juniors Lebanese Record with 1:56.73 on the same day, will line up on July 6 for a surprising race.

In sprints we will see Mohammad Siraj Tamim who equaled his 100m National record in 10.59s and set the 400m record still have to break the 200m to be the Lebanese recordman of the 3 sprint races. Near Tamim, the duel between Ramzi Naim and Michel Zeinaty. Michel who did a great improvement this year clocking 11.00 and 22.32 on 100 and 200 meters.

In Javelin throw Ayman Akkach who threw last time 49.50m was so close to break his coach's Naji Hammoud Juniors record of 51.47m, will now face the big guys like Taleb Al-Hassan, Mohammad Mrad, Majed Talaeh.. We should mention that the National record is in Mohamad Okeibi's hands with 62.90m set 11 years ago.

In 100m women, we will see ... Read more »
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