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Boost Your Performances!
When we compare the performance done by our ancestors in sports and the performances that athletes are doing today, we automatically think about the evolution of technology that directly affected all kind of sports by enhancing performances. The product that can "Boost Your Performance" is the BOOSTER. To optimist your performances, to prevent injuries, to reduce fatigue and to speed your recovery, the BOOSTER is the ideal product for you!


. Background:
The BOOSTER was created in 2003 in collaboration the French Track and Field 4x100m Relay Team and the BV SPORT Research and Development Center. The product is the results of exertion-specific manufacturing technology.

. Technology:
The BOOSTER encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles and soleus by reducing oscillatory movement, the source of fatigue and muscular injuries. Moreover, the BOOSTER reduces muscular vibration and improves the contraction and toning of muscles. The progressive compression/setting impact of the BOOSTER (patented by BV SPORT) improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical exertion, thus optimizing athletics performance.

. Use:
Regular wear delays the sensation of heavy legs and considerably reduces cramping. The BOOSTER still allows a normal sock to be worn. Used in conjunction with our range of recovery socks (ELITE, AR, COMFORT) you can be sure of carrying out your activities under the best physiological conditions.
BOOSTER should be used Exclusively during physical exertion.


Whether you are a professional, amateur or recreational athlete, the recovery period immediately after physical exertion is an essential part of your "athlete wealth" and well-being, as well as maintaining your performance levels and prevention of injury. This vital period should not be neglected.

. Technology:
The BV sport special compression effect acts on the principle reservoir of the calf, which is a true muscular and venous sponge. The pressures adapted for the calf allow the more rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated and toxin filled blood (lactic acid, free radicals, carbon dioxide etc). Wearing the sock speeds up the feeding of oxygenated blood to your muscular, tendinous and ligamentary fibers, allowing you to recover as soon as possible, and thus continue training and competing under the best possible conditions.

. Use:
The ELITE and Recup AR recovery socks should be worn immediately after any physical exertion (training, matches and competitions) for a minimum period of two hours.

- TECHNICAL SOCKS (for running):

The design of this light and comfortable running sock uses x-static and coolmax to improve the transfer of perspiration at the sole of the heel and the toe. Friction free is used on the points of support to prevent chafing and blisters. The front air system ensures better ventilation at the top of the foot and on the top of flexion.


. Anatomical Thigh for effort:

During sport, the pelvis and thigh muscles are subject to substantial biomechanical and venous stress, which can attain very high levels depending on the activity. This is why, working hand in hand with top athletes, the BV Sport research and development center has designed the ANATOMICAL THIGH.

The original structure of the ANATOMICAL THIGH is especially suitable for sports. Providing support, it improves the tonicity of the muscles subject to the greatest strain. The ANATOMICAL THIGH reduces vibration and improves muscle efficiency and performance. Combined with BOOSTERs, the ANATOMICAL THIGH speeds up the elimination of toxins and improves oxygenation in muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical effort.
When worn regularly, the ANATOMICAL TIGH reduces the risk of injury. It is especially suitable for users having suffered injury or just getting back into sport.

. Power Thigh for recovery:

The thigh is subject to vascular, muscular and biomechanical stress. A specific type of product is therefore needed. Working with medical staff and sports federations, the BV Sport research and development center has developed a RECOVERY short called the POWER THIGH.

The special circular knitting process used to manufacture the POWER THIGH offers perfect control over the pressure exerted on the thigh and hence encourages the elimination of toxins from the venous and lymphatic system. The supporting bands help to drain the acid metabolites and lactates stored in the muscles during and after sport. Because the short compresses the muscles and supports the tendons and ligaments, the sensation of fatigue, soreness, heaviness and pain all dispear very quickly.

The POWER THIGH must be worn as soon as possible after sport and for at least 2 hours. It can be worn for longer depending on the type of sport and level of physical effort. The combined action of the PRORECUP ELITE and POWER THIGH affords optimal recovery and speedy elimination of toxins from the calves and thighs.


. Anatomical Shirt for effort:

The BV SPORT Research and Development Center brings you its body-hugging anatomical shirt. The shirts skeletal structure has been designed to reinforce the aponeuroses and hence ensure better muscle support. Vibrations are dampened while the wearer enjoys complete freedom of movement. Made from Bones Fiber material, the shirt ensures optimal evacuation of perspiration.

Bones Fiber is an innovative high-tech fiber with a section shaped like trabecular bone. This fiber improves heat exchange: it is twice as efficient as cotton and 3 times better than conventional polyamides. The perspiration that builds up on the skin is transferred to the outside of the fabric in record time, resulting in ideal body temperature control.

A large number of elite athletes now, in all over the world, are adapting this new technical feature to their sports life, during training and competitions. They are all satisfied by the remarkable results of the product! Its available at Mike Sport and at La Maison du Sky. View more products for each sport or contact BV Sport at the address below.

For more info contact: Georges Sawaya, Cell: 03-440708 ; Mail:
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