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The Individual Championship 2011
The 2011 Individual Championship was little different from the others.. We were always expecting who's going to win or who's going to lose, now, the challenge is developing in some events where you can't define who's going to be the Champion, but in the other events, it's still the same; the absence of women throwing the hammer, few athletes running the hurdles, few athletes throwing, and the same athletes always present..

Despite the lack of athletes participating and the lack of challenge, the Lebanese athletes are always surprising. Ahmad Hazer who's in his top of performance came to win 2 Gold Medals in 110m Hurdles and 200 meters taken the title from Ramzi Naim who finished 2nd in 200m and always first in 400m. Mohammad Tamim is back on the track, more especially the 100m, he ran last time a 10.72s and this time clocked a 10.81s, always running a sub 11 this year, and winning the gold on that distance, while Ahmad Hazer was second with a 10.98s; two sub 11 seconds on 100 meters, we were missing it! In the girls sprint, always the routine, Gretta Taslakian first in 100 and 200 meters, Maha Al-Mouallem second, we should notice the absence of Aziza Sbeity due to injury, but that we must see with a big come back!  Saria Traboulsi finished first
on 400m and Lory Tashjian second. We didn't see Saria on 800m from a long time; she finished first on 800m, behind her, Sarah-Joe Kortbawi who broke Saria's record on that distance, a record detained by Saria from 10 years ago. Sarah-Joe who was also running the 1500m, set a new Midget record on this distance and she is now holding 6 records in less than 3 months! In Middle and Long Distance men, Army is always dominating the disciplines. One man that each time he jumps is so close to the triple jump record is Oussama Naddaf, who is still the king of triple jump and the national record holder. Another man, who is unbeaten for years, is Marc Habib in Long Jump. In high jump, and with the absence of Jean-Claude Rabbath, men aren't jumping more than 1.90m; Abed Berjawi was first with 1.90m behind him Ahmad Hazer with 1.85m. In women, Long jump was taken by Diala El-Khazen who jumped 5.20m, behind her Krystel Saneh with 5.17m. In Triple, the girls are now jumping in 10 meters, which is a great progress after the absence of Rania Samrout, while Krystel Saneh couldn't jump 11 meters, and took first with 10.82m. In high, with the absence of the Lebanese record holder Carine Bitchakjian, Alik Tabakian won gold with 1.55m. In throws, Abdallah Chahine was here to take gold in hammer, and bronze in Shot put. In women, Janette Said won the Javelin and the discus, while Layla Korhani finished second in discus but defended her title in shot put. Krystel Saneh finished 2nd in Jevalin and 3rd in discus behind Janette and Layla, Fatme Dandan is not far from Sophie Hyar shot Put record of 10.80m, Fatme is still juniors 1 and still has one full year to break the record. Hoda Awadi, realized in this championship an amazing performance in 3000 steeplechase, improving her national record by 40 seconds!!! What a determinate woman!

This was the individual, the unique championship in which you can participate in the number of disciplines you want, some athletes tried many events, because there is no other chance to try the heptathlon or decathlon, why? Because no one organize such an event, nor the clubs nor the Federation.. Another why? Yes, due to the very low number of athletes doing it. We are back to the main problem, no women hammer throwing, few athletes running hurdles, few athletes doing heptathlon and decathlon.. They have to choose between participating to defend their title or to train for the event they have to do in international championships. We should think about organizing a Combined Events Championship or meeting, where there is not only heptathlon or decathlon, but triathlon and pentathlon for young athletes to encourage them to do combined events.

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