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Laura Saliba

Sex: Female
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth: 12/03/1993
Current CLub: Antonins
Current Main Coach: Mario Abi Khalil
Career: from 2008

>>>Lebanese Records:

100m Hurdles: 18.06s, Jamhour, 06/08/2010
400m Hurdles: 1:10.20, Sports City, 03/08/2010
4x400m Relay: 4:12.23, National Team, Sports City, 03/08/2010
1000m Medley relay: 2:26.63, National Team, 23/05/2010
4x100m Relay: 49.81s, National Team, Sports City, 03/10/2009
4x400m Relay: 4:12.23, National Team, Sports City, 03/08/2010

>>>Personal Best:

60m: 8.30s
80m: 11.29s
100m: 13.04s (12.8h)
200m: 26.71s
300m: 43.81s
400m: 1:02.86
100m Hurdles: 18.06s
400m Hurdles: 1:10.19


2010: 8.30s
2010: 13.04s
2009: 13.13s
2008: 13.67s
2010: 26.71
2009: 27.03s
2008: 28.60s
2009: 43.81s
2010: 1:05.06
2009: 1:02.86
-100m Hurdles:
2010: 18.01s
-400m Hurdles:
2011: 1:10.19
2010: 1:10.20

>>>Career Highlight:

.4th in 400m Hurdles at the 18th Arab School Championship - Beyrouth 2010
.5th (h) in 200m at the 18th Arab School Championship - Beyrouth 2010
.6th (h) in 100m at the Asian Qualification for the YOG - Singapore 2010
.5th (h) in 200m at the Asian Qualification for the YOG - Singapore 2010
.8th in 200m at the Arab Youth Championships - Aleppo 2009
.6th (SF) in 100m at the 17th Arab School Championship - Amman 2008
.4th (SF) in 200m at the 17th Arab School Championship - Amman 2008
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