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Lebanese Open Club: Army for Men & Inter-Lebanon for Women..
We're finally done, with this final Lebanese Championship this year. 2010 ends with the Open Lebanese Championship for Clubs, where, as expected, the Lebanese Army took 1st in Men and Inter-Lebanon Club took 1st in Women.

Let's focus on athletes..


In the first day, and the first challenge of the day, at 10:00 AM,Abdallah Chahine (Inter-Lebanon) opens the Championship with a new National recordin Hummer throw at 53m18 (his second this year), leaving behind him Mohammad AL-Khatib (Army) at 42m22.

Also in field events, Layla Korhani (Inter-Lebanon), as usual, 1st in the shot put and discus throw, scored 11m28 and 27m29 respectively.

Janette Said (Inter-Lebanon), easily grabbed first place in javelin throw with 34m29; didn't improve her NR (38m00); behind her the 17 year old girls: Karine Naji (Ansar), 27m9z5 and Maria-Pia Rahme (CSJ - the record holder for youth category), 27m11.

In men's javelin throw, Taleb AL-Hassan with his 51m47 and Mohammad Mrad with 47m68, are always there to secure 1st and 2nd place for the Army Team, where also in the shot put event, Badri Obeid (14m73) and Mohammad Al-Khatib (13m49) were there to take 1st and 2nd place for the Army Team.

No worries for the Lebanese Army, where Ousama Neddef is still the leader in triple jump Lebanon with an attempt at 14m60, at 2cm from the National Record of Daoud Srour (Army). While Alaa Itani (Inter-Lebanon), the 15years old (midget 2) broke the triple jump record for his category: he jumped 12m68, previous record 12m43 for Ramzi Naim (Antonin).

In girls long jump, Krystel Saneh (Champville) improves her performance breaking the Lebanese record for youth category, two attempts at 5m22. Behind her the two Diala, AL-Chab (Ansar) in 2nd place and Al-Khasen (Inter-Lebanon) in 3rd place, both of them jumped 5m08!

In men's long jump, Marc Habib (Blue Stars, but trained by Gaby Issa-El-Khoury, an
d Alice Keyrouz CSJ coach), the national record holder, as expected, took 1st place with a jump at 7m00.

In the high jump, Carine Bitchakjian (Champville), the National record holder (1m72) is still there to lead the competition, she secured her 1st place w
ith 1m55 and assured that she's the best women in high jump in Lebanon for almost 10 years!


Back to track events, where Gretta Taslakian (Inter-Lebanon), 1st in 100m(11.90s) and 200m (24.11s) her seconds best performances, confirmed her shape. Behind her, the best junior athlete, Aziza Sbeity (CSJ) trained by her coach Alice Keyrouz, 12.41s in 100m and 25.56s (PB) in 200m.

The 400m was easily taken by Saria Traboulsi (
Inter-Lebanon) in 59.49s, after her, came Lory Tashjian (Champville) the 16 years old girl who picked Mirvat Hamze's 2nd place clocking 1:01.82s (SB).

In men's track events, Ramzi Naim (Antonins)finished 1st in the 100m and 400m races clocking 11.05s and 49.51s (SB/=PB).

Thomas Semaan (CSJ) finished 1st in 200m (22.47s) and 2nd in 400m (49.65s), after his participation at the 4x400mday2 which was after the 200m race.

Diala Al-Chab (Ansar) is always there for the 100m Hurdles,she was running with Laura Saliba (Antonins) who scored a new Best performance for youth category: 18.06s while Diala's timing was 15.92s. In 110mh men, Khalil Obeid won with 16.63s. in 400m hurdles, Khaled Mansour (Army) finished 1st in 58.18s.
The Army won the 4x100m and 4x400m Relay for Men, and CSJ won the 4x100m Relay for Women with Rosie Mansour (18years), Celine Keyrouz (15years), Maria-Pia Rahme (17years) and Aziza Sbeity (18years), when Inter-Lebanon were DQ.

In the 4x400m the Inter-Lebanon team won with Mirvat Hamze, Maria PiaNehme, Chirine Njeim and Saria Traboulsi for the final 400m. After themwas a rude challenge between the "kids" of Champville and CSJ, Lory Tashjian (Champville) and Elsa Khrouy (CSJ) were fighting for their team, where finally Champville took 2nd place and CSJ was 3rd.
Sara-JoeKortbaoui (Champville), the 12 years old (bantam1) discovered by her coach Elie Saade at 11 years old, is now the Lebanese "Open" champion in 1500m (5:18.01) and 3rd in 800m (2:37.15), after Elsa Khrouy (CSJ) 17 years old, 2nd in 2:34.53 and Mirvat Hamze (Inter-Lebanon) 1st in 2:27.20. This young athlete is today at an international level in track and field athletics, so remember this name "Sara-Joe Kortbaoui"!

In 800m for men, the challenge was between Abdo Helou (Antonis) and Osmat Ghreizi (Amry) who was defending his title of Lebanese Champion in 800m, and he actually did clocking 1:56.70 behind him Abdo Helou: 1:57.82.
As well known, the Lebanese Army, from long time ago, conquered the middle and long distanceruns: Hussein Awada 1st (33:47.58) and Omar Issa 2nd (34:50.07) in 10km running, again Hussein Awada 1st in 5km running (16:04.91) and MohammadAl-Ajami 2nd (16:10.69), Ali Sudan 1st (4:09.93) and Nicolas Marta 2nd (4:10.40) in 1500m, Mohammad Al-Ajami 1st in 3000m SC (9:50.47) and finally Ali Awad 1st in 10km race walk (1h16:53).
Hoda Al-Awadi (Ansar) was there to run the 3000m SC scoring a best Lebanese Performance: 12:31.59, and won the 10km race walk in 1h13:37. Maria Pia Nehme (Inter-Lebanon) won the 10km running in 41:57.88 and the 5km running in 18:50.62.

Finally, we all see that the concurrence wasn't there. Kids competing with Women and Men, where in many events, the 1st place belonged to these young athletes. Who discovered, worked and finally made these kids champions and managed their future career? Certainly, the first to lead the way are you coaches!

check the results here

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4 krystel  
i dont know the names.. but for sure Mohammad Cheab (army)..

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3 guest  
Yoo wheres the men's 4x100 relay at?

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2 krystel  
sure.. i know i just remembered.. i'll add it.. thanks anyway

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1 u know me  
alaa itani frome rra broke the lebanese record for the 14 15 years in the triple jump 12.68 the record was fo ramzi naim 12.43.

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