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Tomorrow, May 9, the Lebanese age group championship will begin; young athletes will be fighting for victories and records in all loyalty and respect. When we look back at the current Lebanese Senior Leaders, we see the young talented athlete he/she was, and how he/she managed to achieve the absolute victory. From 9 to 12 May, we will be watching youth athletes, some will achieve what their former athletes have done.
Some athletes who proved last year that their are hard to beat:
Jacques Ayyoub (Batroun) in Sprint, Elias Makhoul (Phoenicia) in Middle ... Read more »
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The Lebanese Age Group Championship will be from 9th to 12th May 2011, at Jamhour CSJ Track and Field. The Lebanese Youth and Juniors Championship will be on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 and the Lebanese Bantam and Midget Championship will be on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12.

Schedules & Entry Standards:
- Lebanese Bantam and Midget Championship
- Lebanese Youth and Juniors Championship
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After long debates, the Lebanese Athletics Federation has made a decision about the Lebanese records book. To be fair to those who are born in the last months of the year, the records will now be considered by the date of the birth; each athlete will have two full years in a single category to break records, from the first day of his or her birth till the end of the two full years, which means that his or her last chance to break records will be one day before his or her birthday. This will be the new rule applied for Lebanese records from now on, it is already implemented by International Associations. However, a decision has not been made about whether it will also have a backwards effect on previous records made.
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Abdallah Chahine, the new Hammer Thrower, who appeared out of the blue last year on the Lebanese field breaking the Lebanese Record twice by many meters, did it again this year in the United States where AB lives and trains. He broke the National Record once with a 55.98 meters throw then did it again on 23 April 2011 scoring 56.82 meters at the Triton Invitational. He improved his mark by 3 meters since August 2010 which is in less than a year!

We will have the chance to watch AB on the Lebanese Field again in Summer. Hopefully he will have another surprise for us..

Mabrouk AB!

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2011…. On a personal note, this is my favorite number; it brings such optimism and energy to me. I wish all my fellow athletes the best in this New Year and new season. I am sure that with the right amount of dedication and effort, wonders will be made. As our fellow Lebanese hero Maxim Chaya said : "When you aim for the top, you don’t count the steps.”
The running season started a few weeks ago in a meeting at AUB on the 24th of March with a cold, rainy weather. The next meeting was a Nike meeting also held at AUB, and finally a meeting organized by the Inter-Lebanon club that took place on the 16th of April at the Cite Sportive.
Despite the bad weather on the 24th, Daniel Bassous (CSJ) ran an incredible 400m starting his season with a 52.3; his PB and SB of 2010 was 52.44s. Another athlete who started the season on an amazing note is Ansar’s Maha Al-Mouallem who was seen running and hitting hard in every meet. Maha clocked 12.5s at the AUB meeting, 12.3s at the Nike meeting, and an amazing 12.0s at the Inter-Lebanon meeting. Gretta has a new opponent this season, other than Aziza Sbeity who didn’t show up frequently this season yet, but will do soon. Gretta clocked an 11.8s at the Inter-Lebanon meeting, her best manual time for now.
A new guest showed up on the block, Alina Popescu (Romania), who was once the World Youth Champion in triple jump with 13.91m. Alina ran 100m and did long jump at the Nike and Inter-Leb ... Read more »
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The Lebanese Championship for Bantam and Midget categories is moved from 13 and 14 May to the 10th and 11th of May, also for Youth and Juniors categories, the championship is moved from 5, 6 and 7 May to Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of May, due to some technical problems. The championship will take place at the CSJ track and field - Jamhour.

More Updates soon.
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The Inter-Lebanon and Athletics club is organizing this Saturday 16 April 2011, a meeting at Sports City (Camille Chamoun Stadium-Beyrouth), supervised by the Lebanese Athletics Federation. For those who want to attend the meeting, please subscribe before Wednesday 14, at 2:00 PM, by sending the list of participant to



15:30 > Regrouping
16:00 > Shot Put (Women)
16:30 > 100m (Women)
16:30 > Shot Put (Men)
16:45 > 100m (Men)
17:00 > 400m (Women)
17:10 > 400m (Men)
17:15 > Long Jump (Women)
17:20 > 1000m (Men)
17:30 > 1000m (Women)
17:45 > Javelin Throw (Women)
17:45 > 10,000m (Men & Women)
17:45 > Long Jump (Men)
17:45 > Javelin Throw (Men)

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The Lebanese Interscholastic Championship is organized by the Lebanese Minister of Sports and Education, this event will be on Sunday 3 April and Sunday 10 April and will held in Beyrouth Municipality Stadium (Beyrouth-Lebanon). It will regroup all students athletes from all over Lebanon which are under 18. The categories are same as the Federal ones of 2010, it means that:
Bantam: 1998-1997; Midgets: 1996-1995; Youth: 1994-1993.

Day1: Field Events: Final - Track Events: Semi Final; Finals will be next Sunday with relays.
Day2: Track events Final with relay.
View: Schedule

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Melissa Rizk and Shahi Bikas winners of the Cedar Green Marathon - a breathtaking race in support of the environment and in memory of François Genadry.
Still far away from the Greenness we are aiming for…but nevertheless, a very rewarding race... Read More

>>> Results
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The Dead Sea Ultra Marathon (DSUM) has witnessed over a decade of rising national and international recognition with the joint effort of the Society for the Care of Neurological Patients (SCNP) and Amman Road Runners, under the patronage of HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid.

The DSUM is held annually every April on the first or second Friday, from Amman to the Dead Sea. It is the main fund raising event for the SCNP, which provides neurological patients with medical aid and covers the costs of necessary surgeries for the needy.

So far, the Society has contributed to the treatment of 1250 cases . The SCNP is funded by donations from individuals, public and private companies, annual membership fees, as well as proceeds of sports events. The Society anticipates expanding its role in the treatment of neurological patients and becoming a developmental organization—creating social and technical programs in cooperation with related official and non-official sectors.

The DSUM  had a successful  record of accomplishment since it first started. Several world record runners and champions participated, the year 2010 run broke all records, it marked a turning point in the future of the event as a national and international athletic, touristic and above all charitable event with the continuous support of Jordanian organizations wit ... Read more »
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The American University of Beyrouth is organizing in two days, on Thursday 24 at 17:30, an Inter-Universities and Inter-Clubs Championship that will be supervised by the Lebanese Athletics Federation. A certain number of Colleges are coming from Jordan and other countries. For those who are asking about electric timing.. yes, it will be electric timing, plus, each Lebanese record set in this meet, will be ratified by the LAF. Athletes under 18 can also participate under the name of their club.

Disciplines available in the AUB meeting for Men and Women:
-Long Jump
-High Jump
-4x100m Relay
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The Inter-Lebanon and Athletics Club is organizing a new style or kind of Marathon, one that remind us that we must respect our nature and our Cedar, the national emblem of Lebanon, and to fight against deforestation and human exploitations. It also push us to live Green.. It's The Cedar Green Marathon!

The race will start in Beyrouth and finish in Byblos passing by 25 neighborhoods and villages. Were festivity and prizes will be distribute to winner.
How the Marathon is Green? See more
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The 31st European Indoor Championship held in Paris, France:
The French party that began on the opening night of the 31st European Indoor championships with Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida’s victory in the Pentathlon continued on Saturday with two more national records by the home team, capped with Renaud Lavillenie’s spectacular 6.03m clearance in the Pole Vault that made him the 3rd Pole Vaulter of all-time! The bar that danced and bounced didn't finally follow, so it allows him to  eclipse Jean Galfione, the ex-record holder of 6.00m. Then the journey ended on Sunday 6 with a World Record for Teddy Tamgho who tripled twice 17.92m! It was unusual for the Italian Fabrizio Donato to stay in the second position in indoors with 17.70m! Donato set also a NR for Italy. Teddy who finished with no medals in the long jump, has put all his angry in the triple jump and improved by 1cm his previous WR. France aslo took gold in 4x400m  with a NR and 400m with Lesli Djone.

While nine different countries struck gold on the final day, Russia added three to end the weekend with 15 medals in all, just four ahead of Fr ... Read more »
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The Lebanese Army team organized today (05.03.2011) a Race against the Hour at the Beyrouth Municipal Stadium. Where Hussein Awada, The marathon record holder and the second best lebansese athlete in 2010 after Jean-Claude Rabbath, just broke the Lebanese Record in this event running 18548,75 m. The previous record was held by Ali Awad (Army): 18048m in 1h.
We should mention that the 3 other runners did also break the record but finally its signed by the best of them which is Hussein Awada.

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The Lebanese Open Cross Country Championship will take place at the Lebanese University Hadath (LUH), on Sunday 6 March at 7:30 AM.


Participation Conditions:
-Men and Women over 16, born in 1995 and below;
-Number of participating athletes from any federal club is not limited;
-Any participated athlete should have his name on the membership list of his club, or then he can't participate in this championship;
-Registration is required before Wednesday 2 March, at 2:00 PM, at the Lebanese Federation Center in Dekwane or by FAX: 01/69 58 58 or by Email to: -

Competition Schedule:

8:00 AM: Men: 12km (5 Super Circuit-Blue)
9:00 AM: Women: 6km (2 Medium Circuit-Red, + 1 Super Circuit-Blue)

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The Lebanese Athletics Federation is organizing a conference about "Sports Nutrition and psychological preparation in athletics" presented by Mme Zeina Ghsoub Asswad and Miss Rana Najib, experts in sport's science. The event will take place in Baabda, at the Antonins High School College, in the Theater "P. Joseph Chidiac", on Saturday 5 March, at 11:00 AM.
All the clubs, coaches and athletes of all ages are invited to this event.

See Also:
Sports Nutrition (PDF File)
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Teddy Tamgho just set a new record, and the french team is preparing for the European indoor Championship.

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IAAF just set a new edition of Scoring Tables for:
-Combined Events
(Download them: go to File Catalog

Changes that occurred between Scoring Tables 2008 and 2011 editions:


-Track Events: 5000m, 30km, Marathon
-Field Events: High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Hammer Throw

Disadvantage: ... Read more »
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Last week, in Bucharets - Romania, Mohammad Hannouf (inter-Lebanon) ran the 800m in 2:05.89.
day 19 February, Hannouf ran again the 800m, but this time he improved his time by 3.55 seconds breaking Thomas Semaan record (but that is yet ratified by the FLA), with a beautiful time of 2:02.34! His personal best in 800m outdoor in 2010 was 2:04.92, a great improvement for Hannouf! This boy is not away from the 2 minutes barrier, he may break it very soon this year.
What's next Hannouf?

Congrats Hannouf and good luck for the rest of the season!

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2010 Season:


I started track and field in 1981. In September 1980, he matched the Lebanese record in the 100m -a dream record for many athletes. He succeeded. I did not know him at the time, I had only read about him in the paper. When I started training with Raymond Naccour, I was excited to learn he was in the team. It was intimidating for me to be next to the Lebanese record holder. Could one just simply start a conversation with such an athlete?

The answer came with his great smile. A smile that started running with us, telling jokes, laughing and having fun. This record holder was a gentle and easy going young man, fun to be with who, spread a "joie de vivre” all around him. He had a big heart!

We trained one year together. Although we did not see each other very often after that year, we had a blast every time we met going down memory lane. All who have known him still remember his smile and his constant good mood!

We are very fortunate to have known him! He left us too early and deprived us of his smile. That is life, whimsical and unfair. It has stolen him from us for no reason.

I am certain that all his friends miss a joyful person and a great athlete. Our youth would have benefited fro ... Read more »
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