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1st Meeting of the season and first two records

The Lebanese Athletics Federation organized the first track and field competition of the season on Saturday, February 21st at the Lebanese University of Hadath, where Lea OBEID and Jad KHOURY were the only two athlete to set new records; the first two records of the year.

Lea OBEID from Champville who turned 16 on February 22nd, was able to set a new Midget record (U15) in 80 meters with 10.41 seconds. The previous record was 10.48 seconds for the same athlete. Lea also run the 60 and 150 meters, setting a record-performance in the 60 meters in 7.96s but wasn’t considered as one due to the strong wind that went above 2.0 m/s. She ran the 150 meters in 20.29 seconds.

Jad KHOURY from Champville set a new Midget record in 300 meters running the distance in 38.38 seconds. The previous record was also held by the same athlete in 38.75s. Jad also ran the 60 and 100 meters in two record-performances of 7.22 and 11.28 respectively. Unfortunately, the records weren’t legal due to the strong wind.

On the other hand, Pia NEHME form Inter-Lebanon was 3 seconds away from breaking the 3000 meters record. Sandy KARAM from Champville was 1 second away from breaking the 3000m race-walk record! We should mention the come back of Maha AL MOALLEM to the track while Aziza SBEITY from CSJ won the three short sprint events leaving everyone behind on the 60, 80 and 150 meters.


>>> Results:

60m Men H1 W+3.0m/s:

  1. Jad Khoury (Champville): 7.22
  2. Anthony Mikael (CSJ): 7.25
  3. Mohammad Daou (CSJ): 7.26
  4. Daniel Bassous (CSJ): 7.46

60m Men H2 W+2.3m/s:

  1. Ali Feneich (CSJ): 7.76
  2. Michael Bassous (CSJ): 7.95
  3. Joseph Azzi (CSJ): 8.00
  4. Christian Moussa (Champville): 8.28

60m Women H1 W+2.3m/s:

  1. Aziza Sbeity (CSJ): 7.82
  2. Maha Al Moallem (Inter-Lebanon): 7.92
  3. Lea Obeid (Champville): 7.96
  4. Krystel Saneh (Champville): 8.12
  5. Joy Abousleiman (CSJ): 8.37
  6. Ayand Christ Daou (Champville): 9.24

60m H2 W+2.1m/s:

  1. Joelle Feghali (CSJ): 8.43
  2. Christine Daou (Champville): 8.53
  3. Cynthia Abdelnour (Champville): 8.92
  4. Eve Daou (Champville): 9.97
  5. Rhea Akel (CSJ): 9.67

100m Hurdles Women H1 W+1.9m/s:

  1. Krystel Saneh (Champville): 16.54
  2. Tara Kanj (Antonins): 19.08

100m Hurdles Women H2 W+0.9m/s:

  1. Patil Yaacoubian (Antonins): 20.24

100m Men H1 W+2.5m/s:

  1. Anthony Mikael (CSJ): 11.21
  2. Mahmoud Daou (CSJ): 11.26
  3. Jad Khoury (Champville): 11.28
  4. Ali Fneich (CSJ): 12.27

100m Men H2 W+2.3m/s:

  1. Michael Bassous (CSJ): 12.43
  2. Joseph Azzi (CSJ): 12.66
  3. Daniel Baddoud (CSJ): DQ