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Results of the Lebanese Age Group Championship 2010

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Venue: Jamhour, CSJ Track and Field
Date: 14-15 May 2010 (Youth/Juniors)

Bantam (12-13) - Midget (14-15) - Youth (16-17) - Juniors (18-19)

100m Final   100m Final
1Dany NASSER Ansar11.341Aziza SBAITI CSJ12.48
2Robin RIZK CSJ11.802Rosie MANSOUR CSJ14.67
3Omar SAIDI CSJ12.06
4Wissam JAMAL Antonins12.17
5Mohamad JAWHAR Veterans12.87
200m Final W(-0.1m/s)200m Final W(-0.1m/s)
1Robin RIZK CSJ24.291Aziza SBAITI CSJ25.95
2Peter YAACOUB Maristes Jbeil25.262Micheline CHAMI Maristes Jbeil30.64
3Omar SAIDI CSJ25.363Eva TALHOUKCSJ30.68
4Wael BIZRIAnsar25.54
5Wissam JAMAL Antonins25.65
6Hussein HUSSEINI Ansar26.50
400m Final
1Adel ARABI Ansar53.20
2Mohamad RAMADAN Veterans54.80
3Habib HATEM Veterans55.03
4Ahmad RABIHAntonins55.28
5Nader AYOUB CSJ59.28
800m Final800m Final
1Adel ARABI Ansar2:05.701Manal TAYAR CSJ2:49.14
2Mohamad RAMADAN Veterans2:17.12
3Ahmad RABIH Antonins2:18.30
4Philippe BOUTROS CSJ2:43.65
1500m Final1500m Final
1Nady NASSAR CSJ4:28.491Assil BASMA Antonins5:44.97
2Ahmad GHALIÉ Ansar4:30.242Lama JAMO CSJ6:03.37
3Habib HATEM Veterans4:32.79
4Hussein KHALIFE Veterans4:54.62
5Tarek AKIKI CSJ5:04.91
5000m Final5000m Final
1Ahmad GHALIÉ Ansar17:24.901Assia YASSINE Veterans26:32.60
2Nady NASSAR CSJ17:55.892Rayan CHATILA Veterans27:09.86
3Lou'ay GHOURLI Veterans19:32.24
4Tarek AKIKI CSJ20:29.90
High JumpHigh Jump
1Abdel-Rahman BERJAOUI Ansar1.851Sara TABBARA Ansar1.45
2Carl-Mike ISHAC Antonins1.70
Long JumpLong Jump
1Marc WARD CSJ6.071Jana MAJED Ansar4.60
2Carl-Mike ISHAC Antonins5.822Rosie MANSOUR CSJ4.44
3Julien EZZEDDINEMaristes Jbeil5.493Michèle MATTA CSJ3.93
4Ibrahim HAMOUD Ansar5.37
5Hussein HUSSEINI Ansar5.13
Triple JumpTriple Jump
1Marc WARD CSJ12.581Sabine KHOURY Maristes Jbeil10.05
2Abdel-Rahman BERJAOUI Ansar11.552Jana MAJED Ansar9.96
3Patrick YOUSSEFMaristes Jbeil11.323Micheline CHAMIMaristes Jbeil9.69
4Jad CHAHINE CSJ11.314Racha JURDI CSJ9.06
5Elias HABIB Maristes Jbeil9.115Michèle MATTA CSJ8.73
Shot Put (6kg)Shot Put (4kg)
1Dany NASSER Ansar11.091Racha JURDI CSJ6.97
2Marcel HARISSA Antonins10.87
3Mohamad HAMED Inter-Lebanon10.82
4Elias ZGHEIBMaristes Jbeil10.57
5Jimmy MOUEZ CSJ9.73
6Gergess ABIASSAF Maristes Jbeil9.55
7Bilal HAIDAR Phoenicia9.20
Discus Throw (1.75kg)Discus Throw (1kg)
1Marcel HARISSA Antonins40.201Sabine KHOURY Maristes Jbeil22.24
2Peter YAACOUB Maristes Jbeil32.282Rayan HALLAK Ansar16.48
3Mohamad KHACHAB Inter-Lebanon27.003Léa DAHROUJ CSJ15.07
4Hussein KHALIFE Veterans23.48
Javelin Throw (700g)Javelin Throw (600g)
1Charbel ABI-SEMAANMaristes Jbeil41.561Léa DAHROUJ CSJ24.57
2Jimmy MOUEZ CSJ40.90
3Ayman ACCACHE Inter-Lebanon35.80
4Karam DIAB Ansar34.43
5Gergess ABIASSAF Maristes Jbeil25.58
4x100m Relay4x100m Relay
3Maristes Jbeil51.44
4x400m Relay4x400m Relay
1Ansar3:51.731Maristes Jbeil 5:26.43
3Maristes Jbeil4:57.09

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