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Results of the Lebanese Age Group Championship 2010

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Venue: Jamhour, CSJ Track and Field
Date: 21-22 May 2010 (Bantam/Midget)

80m Final NWI80m Final W(+0.4m/s)
1Philippe PAOLIChampville9.611Christelle RAHME Champville10.96
2Raoui SADERVeterans10.032Céline KEYROUZCSJ11.32
3Anthony MIKHAELCSJ10.073Diala GEDEONApôtres12.08
4Rabih MOURADIVeterans10.354Aya LAKISSAnsar12.23
5Mohammad ABOU-SALEHPhoenicia10.385Stephanie SEMAANApôtres12.83
6Angelo SAADEApôtres11.20
80m Q1 W(+1.3m/s)
1Raoui SADERVeterans9.94
2Anthony MIKHAELCSJ10.25
3Georges CHAMBOURSaoud11.38
4Zaher EIDIYaacoub11.53
5Mohamad ABOU-HAMDANYaacoub12.57
80m Q2 W(-0.1m/s)
1Philippe PAOLIChampville9.69
2Mohammad ABOU-SALEHPhoenicia10.38
3Rabih MOURADIVeterans10.39
4Angelo SAADEApôtres11.05
5Emile KHALAFCSJ11.17
150m Final NWI150m Final W(+0.1m/s)
1Philippe PAOLI Champville17.861Céline KEYROUZ CSJ20.91
2Anthony MIKHAEL CSJ18.602Natasha MOHBAT CSJ21.13
3Raoui SADER Veterans18.743Christelle RAHMÉChampville21.26
4Hassan FARAJ Phoenicia18.804Diala GEDEON Apôtres23.04
5Mohamad ABOU-SALEH Phoenicia19.335Rania GEBARA 23.52
6Jad IMAD Maristes Jbeil19.806Stephanie SEMAAN Apôtres24.11
7Tony SLIM Antonins20.09
150m Q1 W(+0.2m/s)150m Q1 W(+0.1m/s)
Hassan FARAJ Phoenicia18.801Céline KEYROUZ CSJ20.91
Tony SLIM Antonins20.092Natasha MOHBAT CSJ21.13
Albert SEHNAOUI CSJ20.933Christelle RAHMÉChampville21.16
Angelo SAADE Apôtres20.944Stephanie SEMAAN Apôtres
Wael HAMOUD Batroun21.23
150m Q2 W(+0.9m/s)150m Q2 W(+0.1m/s)
1Philippe PAOLI Champville17.861Diala GEDEON Apôtres23.04
2Anthony MIKHAEL CSJ18.602Rania GEBARA 23.52
3Raoui SADER Veterans18.743Maria BEJJANIAntonines25.59
4Jad IMAD Maristes Jbeil19.80
5Ghassan DIB Batroun20.13
150m Q3 W(+0.9m/s)
1Mohamad ABOU-SALEH Phoenicia19.33
2Georges CHAMBOUR Saoud22.02
3Joy MATAR Antonins22.35
4Jonason GEMAYEL Maristes Jbeil24.88
1000m Final1000m Final
1Makram CHAHINE Antonins2:45.231Joelle FEGHALI CSJ3:22.00
2Ragheb RAAD Antonins2:47.182Laura MINA CSJ3:44.57
3Cyril NASR CSJ2:56.963Lama ABBAS Inter-Lebanon3:57.00
4Michael BASSOUS CSJ3:00.344Elizabeth DIB Maristes Jbeil4:14.00
5Hassan FARAJ Phoenicia3:11.425Andrea KHOURY Champville4:17.71
6Georges HADDAD Veterans3:11.446Sandy KARAM Champville4:19.13
7Ralph GHAZAL Veterans3:13.15
8Wael MADI Batroun3:29.92
9Ahmad SALEH Yaacoub3:32.25
10Saleh SAAD Phoenicia3:39.61
11Rabih CHOUMANYaacoub3:43.79
2000m Final2000m Final
1Makram CHAHINE Antonins6:14.901Joelle FEGHALI CSJ7:17.33
2Cyril NASR CSJ6:40.612Léa ISKANDAR CSJ7:48.57
3Philippe ACAR CSJ6:59.023Lama ABBAS Inter-Lebanon8:39.13
4Ragheb RAAD Antonins7:10.97
5Abdel-Rahman MOURADBatroun7:16.19
6Mohsen CHHIME Veterans7:51.54
7Wael MADI Batroun8:02.25
High JumpHigh Jump
1Souhail ATTIEH Veterans1.551Aya LAKISS Ansar1.35
2Alex MOHBAT CSJ1.502Mélanie FREIHA CSJ1.30
3Georges MATTA CSJ1.503Davina MALEK CSJ1.25
4Bassam SOUCARIEH Ansar1.45
5Freddy FADOUS Batroun1.45
6Camille MOURAD Batroun1.40
Long JumpLong Jump
1Kevin RIZK CSJ5.161Nayla SANIOUR CSJ4.63
2Rabih MOURADI Veterans5.052Elsa GHARIOS CSJ4.44
3Christophe BOULOSMaristes Jbeil4.983Hadil MOURAD Batroun3.77
4Bassam SOUCARIEH Ansar4.964Nour HABIBChampville3.40
5Tony SLIM Antonins4.66
6Antoine BOUTROS Batroun4.60
7Jeremy GHORAYEB Veterans4.40
8Michael BASSOUS CSJ4.19
Triple Jump Triple Jump
2Camille MOURAD Batroun10.702Isabelle MECATTAF CSJ8.61
3Anthony ZINA-RAHMÉ CSJ10.693Hadil MOURAD Batroun8.30
4Jeremy GHORAYEB Veterans10.354Trea MOURAD Batroun7.56
Shot Put (4 Kg) Shot Put (3 Kg)
1Alain SAAD Maristes Jbeil13.351Anabelle RACHED CSJ9.03
2Rami MOUAWAD Antonins12.472Joanna GEDEON Champville8.57
3Elias NAJEM Maristes Jbeil11.723Maria JAROUDI Phoenicia7.19
4Souhail ATTIEH Veterans10.904Marie-Christine ASSOUAD CSJ6.98
5Saba SALLOUM Batroun10.495Trea MOURAD Batroun6.92
6PIerre WEHBÉ CSJ9.84
7Antoine BOUTROS Batroun9.80
Discus Throw (1kg)
1Rami MOUAWADAntonins27.52
2Jawad MOUJAES CSJ21.15
3Eliano ELIA Batroun20.96
4Georges NASSOUR Batroun20.61
5Jonason GEMAYELMaristes Jbeil19.89
6PIerre WEHBÉ CSJ19.52
7Nader HAIDAR-AHMADMaristes Jbeil17.00
Javelin Throw (600 g)
1Khalil BACHA CSJ40.39
2Alain SAAD Maristes Jbeil38.83
3Gilbert NAJEM Maristes Jbeil31.60
4Elie TANNINE CSJ30.57
4x80m Relay 4x80m Relay
1CSJ 40.501CSJ 43.48
2Maristes Jbeil 41.66
3Antonins 42.47

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